Majestic Spring in Mabinay Negros Oriental " Next Place to Paradise "

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Welcome to the province of Negros where you can visit tons of beautiful places. The said region is divided into two division the occidental and oriental. Now let's explore the oriental part specifically in Municipality of Mabinay. Maybe some of you are not familiar with this place but let me share to you how majestic is this place. Where you can find fascinating caves beyond tall trees, amazing waterfalls hiding in the secluded forest, numerous cliffs and beautiful springs covered by thousands of mahogany trees.

The municipality of Mabinay is more than 3 hours away from the capital of Negros Occidental the Bacolod City. But the travel time frame depends on the traffic situation. The place is accessible by Dumaguete or Bayawan bus trip via Mabinay and the transportation cost is 235 pesos for air-conditioned and 205 pesos for non-airconditioned. Mabinay spring is near at the bus terminal or you can ask the conductor to drop at the highway where you can glimpse the entrance of the spring resort. Upon entering someone will approach you to collect entrance fee which is very cheap for only 10 pesos " right it's 10 pesos only". Then you can rent cottages, rooms or monoblock tables and chairs.

Open Cottages and Room Rates

  • Four Cottages ( CAbana ) 1,200.00 php good for 3 pax 150.00 php per pax in excess of 3 free use swimming pool for 3 pax
  • Family Cottage ( Pool area ) 1,700.00 php good for 4 pax 150.00 per pax in excess of 4 free use swimming pool for 4
  • Twin Room 1,200.00 good for 2 pax non-airconditioned room
  • Function Hall at Lagoon 500.00 php per day good for 2 pax
  • Open Cottages in front of the lagoon 300.00 per day twelve open cottages 250.00 per day



The Mabinay spring is one of the relaxing places because of the ambiance, cool temperature and the beautiful view of the lagoon. The continuous flow of the water, the rushing water sounds, calmness of the eco-forest plus the vibrant body of water in turquoise color. That blend to the bright color of the sky and the green leaves of the trees. Everything turns into a place next to paradise.

The spring resort is not only safe for children but also to adults. Because the place is secured by lifeguards, watchers and they strictly implemented the rules. There are limitations that visitors are only allowed to swim in a certain area. The rest of the lagoon is open for kayak activity which you might really enjoy.


For those people who are not fun of plunging into the cold freezing water. The vast eco-park of tall mahogany trees is perfect for you. Then take a walk together with your special someone while taking photos or sit on the benches beside the lagoon. These simple activities will make you feel relaxed and appreciate the beauty of Mabinay Springs.

Many visitors are coming beyond 11:00 in the morning and I can see the enjoyment on their faces. The smiles that make me smile as well and the laugh that added excitement to everyone including us.


Together with my travel buddy Paul Elias Bermeo we really enjoy the day we explore the place. Then we tried to do the Kayak thing for only 50 pesos good for 30 minutes. One kayak boat is only for 50 pesos which very affordable including the safety vest to secure the safety of the visitor.

I thought it is very easy to maneuver the kayak using the paddle but my expectation is way too far from reality. I am having a hard time to control the movement of the kayak boat. Because my friend Paul is doing the facebook live video and I am the only one who is responsible for our directions.



The lagoon is so deep that I don't mind if we fall on our kayak boat because of the clarity of the water. I can glimpse what is hiding under the water. At the same time, we are secure while wearing our safety vest but my only concern is our gadget if in case we drop it into the water.


There are so many places here in the province of Negros that we want to explore together. As the day goes by we are planning to search for places that we can afford to visit not by means of money but time concerns. Though we have work in a different field and we are separately living far from each other. We cherish each and every moment that we've been together. Because we build this strong friendship not because we have the same interest in life. But, we have a special treatment more than friendship to consider him as a family of mine.

You might think that traveling is a waste of money and time. But to tell you honestly it brings happiness, fulfillment and happy memories that I can share to someone. That I really enjoy my life to the fulleest at my young age. Money can't buy happiness but money is way for us to be happy and share it to someone.


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How far is that from Tatay Dagsa? Kayaking needs getting used to and you need those muscles to last☺

Almost 1 hour long po from tatay dagsa.. Nasa proper lng siya ng mabinay malapit sa terminal

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