Pottery shops in Barangay Pahanocoy, Bacolod City Negros Occidental

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What is pottery?

Pottery is the art of using ceramic material to make pottery wares, of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The place where such wares are made by a potter is also called a pottery (plural "potteries"). The definition of pottery used by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is "all fired ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, except technical, structural, and refractory products.

The short description I provided about pottery is not my own writing composition. It was copied and pasted for reference purposes only.

source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pottery

These set of pots are visible along the highway within the area of Brgy. Pahanocoy in the City of Bacolod. If you are plying the south access main road no reason for you not to notice the bunch of displayed products from different shops.

Most of the commercial establishments are ordering hundreds up to thousands of products originally made in Brgy. Pahanocoy. Because they already trusted the quality, finish, and the unique designs plus the reasonable price. Then if you have a plan to buy here in bulk orders you can ask the shop owner to lower the price so that you can save some money.


For those people who are looking for " Kalan " or portable clay stove for cooking. You can choose here for your desired size and type (Whether you are looking for charcoal or wood type). The price ranges from 25 pesos up to 130 pesos for the large size. They also sell the traditional " Banga " or water dispenser, small food plates that usually used in poultry farms and holder for cooking " Bibingka or Puto " a famous Filipino Delicacy made of sticky rice.


For the interior design of your home, you can choose from these bunch of pot designs like round type, elongated, small pieces, middle size and many more.


They are also selling figurines for garden improvement like animal figures, dwarfs, frogs, swans and painted with vibrant glossy enamel paint. You can also place these figurines beside your growing plants to highlight your favorite flowers.


They also have huge vases with dragon details and assorted massive pots that are commonly seen inside of the commercial complex like malls or five-star hotels.


Shop owners are responsible enough to dispose the accumulated water that stored inside the pots during rainy days. They always make sure that no mosquitoes or others insects will breed in the stagnant water.



This piled of " Kugon " or dried grass are burned together with the pots to cook the clay and ready for final retouching of colorant. This will complete the process to harden the mud and turned like a solid rock.


All images are taken using my Vivo mobile phone

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