Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental

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The Constitution of this major Provincial Landmark was started on June 18,1927 under Gov. Jose Locsin and used by the province began on October 16,1931 under Gov. Isaac Lacson.

The Provincial Capitol is also the old residence of Family Luzuriaga and donated by Jose Ruiz De Luzuriaga located in front of the Capitol Lagoon and Park in the City of Bacolod. The architectural structure was designed by Architect Juan Arellano in 1927. Then it was renovated in the year 2004.


The main entrance of the Provincial Capitol is facing east where you can see the building structure from the main highway " the Lacson Street"

From the outside, you will notice the design of the building similar to an ancient landmark in Rome or Spain. Which shows how the Spanish culture influences us during the time when Negros was colonized by Spaniards.

Where you can also glimpse the Spanish details, statues, types of materials that they used and the way it was built.


Here is the Layout of the division where you can easily locate the specific government offices inside the Provincial Capitol. You can find it on the bulletin board as soon as you enter in the Capitol.


The wide lobby will approach you where you can choose which division you are going for your appointment. Then don't hesitate to ask at the information or ask directly to the assigned guards if you do not want to back and forth just to locate the office you are looking for.


This stair access from the outside is no longer being used by both employees and people who have transaction inside. They use the main entrance for security purposes and to track those people coming in and out in the Provincial Capitol.


From the Provincial Capitol the Capitol Lagoon and Park is walking distance. Where you can sit on the available benches while taking beautiful images. But make sure not to bring or eat any food inside the park becuase the are certain rules and policies you have to abide while you are inside of the lagoon/park.

Provincial Capitol PArk, Bacolod City, September 09, 1995.

The Province of Negros Occidental dedicates this memorial to the Negros Veterans of World War II in grateful remembrance and recognition of their sacrifice and heroism.

The Capitol Lagoon and Park are open in public including any related to provincial and Bacolod City events. People who have extracurricular activities or planning to used this place for assembly is not a perfect place as an option. Because the strict protocol with corresponding consequences will be imposed on those people who are not abiding the policy provided by the Provincial Administrator.

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Wow it looks like Manila Central Post Office. The same style. Why can;t we have more buildings like that these days, right? It looks majestic and artsy.

Yeah.. I agree with you...

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