The Disney Inspired Christmas Village

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The Disney inspired Christmas village put up by businessman and philanthropist Jerry Sy in front of his residence walking distance from Colegio San Agustin facing the Stonehill Suite at 18th street, Bacolod City.

The said Christmas village is the latest attraction in our city. Where hundreds or even thousands of people visited the place every night just to take photos. Then most of my friends shared their photos on social media that every time I check the status of my timeline most of them talks about the Christmas village.



Because of my curiosity together with my best friend, her wife and our cute baby boy. We finally experienced a different level of Christmas ambiance. Then we took a lot of photos while the cannon bubble from above is spontaneously releasing a snowy flakes feels like a real snow though it's just a bubble.

During our visit, there's a lot of people are walking side by side while taking photos or videos. Then some kids are running and playing trying to catch the bubble flakes.

The Christmas songs are played spontaneously that perfectly change the place into a real Christmas village. Then the Disney miniatures like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mini mouse are placed on the top of Santa Workshop while the electronic train is moving back and forth.





I really loved the set up of the Disney inspired Christmas village because it is filled with colorful lights like Christmas trees, hanging lanterns and other Christmas symbols. That I highly recommend to anyone that this is one of a must see places in Bacolod City. You can bring your family together with your kids or visit the village with some friends and don't forget to enjoy for you to appreciate the spirit of Christmas.

All the images are originally taken using my Vivo mobile phone

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