Millennium Tower in Zemun - history, beautiful views and one fantastic day

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I've always loved the Zemun quay. This part of Belgrade has a specific charm. Danube, swans and seagulls, beautiful promenade, sports grounds, restaurants, playgrounds for children, street painters, souvenirs ... You can find everything here, peace and fun. But best of all is the view from the Millennium Tower, located not far from the Zemun quay.


It was a sunny October day. With my husband and two friends I came to Zemun. We came to watch a regatta, traditionally held in Zemun. My son was a participant. The day was beautiful, warm and shiny, but with no wind. Unfortunately, the regatta was not held, so we decided to take a walk to the Gardoš Tower, also known as Millennium Tower or Tower of Sibinjanin Janko.


I'm not going to bore you with historical facts. But, quite simply, the three names for this tower tell a lot about its history.

  1. Gardoš Tower – It is called the Gardoš Tower because it is located on a loess hill, called Gardoš. Hills have always been strategically suitable for the construction of towers, forts and fortifications.

  2. Millennium Tower - The Hungarians settled the area of the Pannonian Plain in 896 AD. After a millennium, the Hungarian authorities have decided to celebrate this jubilee. They marked it by constructing four towers in the four outermost cities of their kingdom, and one tower in the capital. One of them was this imposing tower on Gardoš. The tower was officially opened, you guessed it, in 1896. Therefore, the Millennium Tower is a symbol of the millennial stay of Hungarians in the territory of present-day Vojvodina.

  3. Tower of Sibinjanin Janko - Janko Sibinjan was Hungarian statesman and warrior , much loved by the people. He is also mentioned in many Serbian folk songs. He died of a plague that erupted in this area before the tower was built. The Millennium Tower has been built just over 400 years since his death. However, Janko Sibinjan remained in the memory of Serbs for a long times. That is why the people named this tower Janko Sibinjanin.


The way to the tower is interesting - uphill, paved streets, interesting houses. It took us about five minutes to reach the tower.

Walking around the tower is also interesting, as well as views of the Danube and the town.



But the best part begins when you climb the tower. We paid for the ticket and climbed the steep stairs to the terrace of the Millennium Tower. Otherwise, the tower is 36 meters high.



The view from the tower is fantastic! Look!






While my son and I enjoyed the view, the rest were waiting for us.


Although my son was disappointed because he didn't participate in the regatta, the day was great! After visiting the Millennium Tower, we went to one of the restaurants and ordered pancakes :) The sweetest for the end :)

If you are coming to Belgrade, be sure to visit the Millennium Tower. You wont regret. Hope I gave you enough reason to come! :)

Have a nice weekend!

With love,


Awesome photo story from Zemun. Thanks for sharing, @ladysnowhite.

Hello @zorank. :) Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked my post. Greeting. :)

Beautiful photos of the area, too. I wouldn't mind visiting that area for a little photography, although I suppose it would be better in the summer months. Are winters in Belgrade very chilly?

Thanks @fotosdenada! It depends. February is the coldest month, but today the maximum temperature will be 10 degrees Celsius. Unusual for this time of year. I love spring the most! You are welcome whenever you decide to come :) Greeting!

All of the photos I see of Serbia look like things that Americans only know from fairy tales.
The direct link to history is something that I yearn for.
I will visit Beograd before I am done in this life.

Thank you @tarotbyfergus! Belgrade has a long history, different cultures have influenced how it looks today. It has been demolished many times. It's full of contrast, so I believe you'll like it. Thanks for stopping by:)

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