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RE: A dream came true: The Magical Aurora Borealis

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You are right, @cicisaja, all the challenges were totally worthy :)
Thanks so much for the warm words, you've put a smile on my face! :)

Thinking about it, I could have made much more good photos of Aurora if I wasn't in the role of guide/driver/teacher/entertainer there :) Nevertheless, despite the suspense and few minor crises, I enjoyed every minute of this trip ;) And as you could imagine, I gained few new friends, which is priceless.

You could check out my latest, I would call it a story within a story of another magical place that I love:

Happy Thursday and Steem on! :)


But .. why don't you put any watermarks on the pictures above @lightcaptured? Don't you think some bad people could use it for other purposes without your permission?

Oh no.. is the small dot at the bottom right your signed symbol. 😊 thanks for the link😉 I'm going to enjoy the luxurious experience of yours for free😉 delightfully

Yes, that's quite possible and has happened few times that I am aware of. Of course, I don't use the maximum quality and resolution in any social media as my photos are available for sale as well with print quality and big sizes ;)

I use a tiny version of my logo, because generally I think big signatures and text distract the attention from the picture which isn't my goal ;)

Please do enjoy my visuals, @cicisaja, you're more than welcome :)))