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The mountains told me that it will be be a super day with heat and a mild cooling wind!

We have had a few dreary, dark and wet days and we thought winter had returned, but this morning it was a horse of a different color. A typical young summers day accompanied by much sunshine.
A great miracle also occurred after a meeting this morning, but I will talk about it in the conclusion of this blog!
Join me on a walk through the day!


As I said, a lovely day with the wind dancing with wispy clouds!


A North to South mild wind that kept the heat bearable!


Decided to post some on nature's twins today!
Two Squirrels here!


A pair of Egyptian goslings!


Two Red-wing Starling youngsters!


A pair of doves enjoying the sun!


You can see here that the wind direction remained constant throughout the day!


Two crows landed on a street lamp!


Of course the sunset lit the skies in beautiful colors!


Just as the sunset also covered the mountain peaks!


A lone pigeon serenaded in the late sun!


And even the full moon put up a show!

I think by now many of you know that I am a nature child and that I spend my best times in nature. I long for the days when I played with the shy otters at the river that ran across our farm and also befriending the otters by feeding them whole fish that I caught and watching then expertly cleaning the fish. But those day are long gone and the only remains are the lessons that I was taught by mother nature!

Oh, before I talk too much, I kept the best photo and news for last.


Here we have not one, but two Cape Skimmer Dropwing Dragonflies!

Now for the miracle that I mentioned earlier.
After getting the go-ahead to run the water distribution project in a meeting this morning, we stopped at a small restaurant for some coffee.
They had a lot of 5 liter bottles of water displayed behind the counter and I asked for the owner.
We met and the result is that Papillon will soon once again become the talk of the poor people in town, as they are all going to receive pure bottled spring water to drink for free.
Papillon will carry the costs and we are delighted with this outcome.

Hope that you have enjoyed this sunny day post and thank you for visiting @papilloncharity



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Great shots and what a cool start picture.

Therefore a non alc !BEER from me to you.

Good to see you again Sir.
Thank you for the kind support.

Amazing shots, as always! Those squirrels are really cute and funny! Eheheh!

Oh we really enjoy the squirrels and their tricks my friend.
Thank you for the visit Sir.


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I love the setting sun and clouds on the mountain!! As I am typing, we are having a nice thunderstorm!!

Water is life and God's blessing to this earth my friend.
Pity that mankind doesn't appreciate it and continue to contaminate the rivers.
So Sad!
Blessings and thank you!

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Thank you kindly!

@tipu curate
Nice one!

Can you nominate me?

Thank you for the kind support my friend.

Hey @papilloncharity, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Wonderful photographs! Each and every one!

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Thank you for the kind words my friend!

@papilloncharity Very good news about bottled water for the city. By the way the rooster should look for his chickens, not follow the direction of the wind. LOL

Hahaha, oh, I like this comment my friend. Maybe the rooster is tired of his wife's complaints and decided to rather follow the wind Lol

I know I say it a lot , but you are so blessed to stay where you do. I miss the Cape with all my heart. Beautiful pics as always

Thank you my friend and I can sense your heart for the Cape.
We were indeed blessed to be led here after the many years in the hell hole of Rosettenville in Johannesburg!
It's a totally different world!

Who knows - maybe one day something happens that take us back

We worked there for 17 years and towards the end after the last burn-out we were becoming desperate to find a place of tranquility in nature, and suddenly a miracle my friend.
Only sharing this to give you hope!
Happy weekend!

That is wonderful - so glad you are happy

Thank you and even in those dark days we were happy my friend, as it's an internal condition.
Of course not as happy as we are now. There are still issues and problems, but it makes it better to handle them in the changed conditions.
Happy Sunday to you!

hello you always catch me with your stories and your animals, I have a healthy envy but envy haha

Happy day friend and take care of all that beautiful nature

Hahaha, so nature catches your heart.
Keep a lookout for much more my dear friend, as I am also a nature junkie.
I will sure care as much as I can for nature.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! What wonderful photos and wonderful news! Can't get much better than that. hey those otters cleaned the fish instead of just eating them whole?

In South Africa we have decent otters with table manners Sir @janton, they are not as rough as the Texan ones hahaha.
Have a good weekend boet!

lol..that's good to hear sir papilloncharity. I wonder if we have them in Texas? Probably down South..yes, I just looked it up, they are in the bayous of South Texas.

Told ya! Hahaha.