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RE: EuroVelo 7 - Cesky Krumlov to Hluboka 50 km

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Breathtaking post. It does feel like we are there with you when reading it :) Thanks for reminding me how beautiful Ceske Budejovice and the whole region is, I have been there just once so far, when I was like 13. I come from the very opposite corner of the country.

Btw donating the payout to Arthur is so kind of you! I have been in close contact with him since we met in Poland in November and this guy absolutely deserves all the support. He is a Steemit legend already.


You are so kind, I was at least hopping for that, took some inspiration from you also :) Yes, Arthur is a special guy, love his work here on Steemit.

Man, how could I inspire you? Your posts are just so much better and more elaborate than mine, seriously ;) You post quite rarely but whenever I see your post in my feed, I know it will be a top-notch travel/cycle report full of amazing photos ;) Keep them coming my friend!