Me and my friends went on a travel to See Beach chittagong bangladesh

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Me and my friends went on a travel to See Beach chittagong bangladesh.It's a beautiful place. We had so much fun sharing with you. If you come to Chittagong you can go there.

At night j3bwvaz8pm.jpg
At noonhs51gphyqw.jpg

See and melwqx3ls0uh.jpg

There are a lot of busy boats that they rent and make money.It takes 15 bucks per person to get on the boat.If the dollar is calculated, it will take $ 0.16 cents.Not 1steem for us😁😁While taking the boat and the boat I took some pictures that I will share with you

People who run wood boats people here called them mazi.In exchange for rent, you earn money by riding a boat and earning money by fishing
They earn Tk 800 to 1000 a day.Dollars are calculated by the Daily Income of $ 10-12 dollar.


My cypto lover friend,writing bitcoin 2choloy453.jpg
My friend with speedboat

Me and speed boad enginez49zb5bkji.jpg

Many people here have horses who rent horses for money and they make income.Even after getting a meal every night, the Daily 7-8 doller earn them.gdwihoymjx.jpg93qqx4fte6.jpg
My friend took a picture with the horse I shared it with youik7ehzwb81.jpg

Photo taken on my friend's mobile at sunset in the afternoon5php4zcqb4.jpg

Picture taken at night.8u9cgmn8ky.jpg

Here some people sell all kinds of things and make a living Photo by dub seller 3ni1s6aib9.jpg
Picture of nut sellerbt9jvu6sve.jpg

This store sells shurma fishlvg4zrrkh3.jpg

Many stores sell shrimp fish and cucumbers, keep them raw and people make a bet when they need it.2hvgwz28xe.jpg8h5bze4grv.jpgnhdtqv79k0.jpg

Jalmuri seller mhgns49fjh.jpgoqey3kd087.jpg

This boy sells tea11qk70jzsn.jpg

These foodvanas are the chicken items here. All the chicken products here sell nothing but chicken and French fries.bdwvxm2kzr.jpg

Me and my friend

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