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RE: A dream came true: The Magical Aurora Borealis

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Gosh you must have been so thrilled comma especially as you had put so much work into planning it. I know people who have gone but didn't see the lights. It is certainly on many peoples bucket list. Your photos are fantastic. I have seen the southern lights here in 1993 but I am not sure I will ever get the opportunity to see the northern ones.

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Thank you, @riverflows! Good luck comes to those who are well prepared, they say. And there was really a big dose of luck! We spent in Northern Norway about a week, but the Lights could be photographed properly only in the first night. What's the feeling of the Southern Lights? I saw Aurora again in August, when on my photo-trip in Iceland and it was completely different, in colors, shapes and density...

Isn't nature amazing? To see it twice and to see such variation you are truly blessed

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Indeed it is! It was a great and unexpected present, the second time I saw it. I felt really blessed, happy and lucky :)
I really should find some time to post a new story about my Iceland trip... :)