8 Stories of Gleaming Gold – The Biggest Buddha in Dalat Vietnam

8 Stories of Gleaming Gold – The Biggest Buddha in Dalat Vietnam

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The golden Buddha of Dalat is an irresistible sightseeing experience. Located just 10 minutes from Dalat city center, it is also very convenient to visit.

This Buddha is big – 80 feet tall and 66 feet wide. The statue sits atop one of the tallest local hills. His gleaming presence is visible all around the valley. Standing next to him can be a bit imposing. But the beauty and serenity of the golden Buddha are also very inviting and captivating.

This is gorgeous. Even the best photos don’t do him justice. He literally glows in the warm sunlight of Dalat. This radiance intensifies grandeur of this golden Buddha.


The golden Buddha is part of Van Hanh Zen Monastery. The monastery is not as large as nearby Truc Lam Monastery but it is overflowing with beautiful Buddhist art. The monastery is also an active religious center. It is home to about 100 monks and 80 nuns, who you’ll see all around.

Van Hanh Zen Monastery has a large main temple, several other altars, and some very pretty grounds with a nice view of the countryside.

The main temple is very unique. It’s filled with a colorful nine-headed dragon. The serpentine bodies slither their way up walls and spiral around pillars. 8 dragonheads emerge at different spots. The 9th head takes center stage in the main altar. The Buddha has tamed the dragon and peacefully sits on its head.

Another key building houses 2 large reclining Buddhas and many other beautiful wood carvings.


The best time to visit is during the late morning to afternoon. Avoid sunrise or sunset. You want to see the golden Buddha glimmer in the bright sunlight.

Van Hanh Monastery and the gold Buddha are an easy ride from the city center, about 10 minutes. A round trip taxi from Dalat should be less than $10 USD. You could also add this as a stop to a tour.

With so many great attractions and activities around Dalat, many tours don’t include this stop. With its proximity to Dalat center, you can easily add this to almost any itinerary.

Don’t miss the giant golden structure when you’re in Dalat. Even a quick visit will be rewarding. How often do you get a chance to see an 80 feet tall gold Buddha?

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