The Human Kindness Project – Canada – Is anything really for free these days?

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a term I had never heard of before I started making my way through the crypto-sphere. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Now that I know the term, it comes up in my head quite a lot lately, especially when I look at the news on TV or hear it on the radio. Most of the times it seems like the whole world is falling apart and everything is going wrong. Or at least that’s what the media is making you see and listen to, over and over again. It isn’t that weird that most people start taking this so called truth for reality and are becoming so brainwashed that they turn this into their own truth, into how they think the world operates.

Today’s story is all about the complete opposite and about trying to change that narrow viewpoint.


As some of you might know, at the moment we are traveling around BC in Canada for a month in a van that has been converted to a small RV. That in itself might not seem so special, but wait until you hear how we got this vehicle.


It all started with a post on Instagram (also known as that prehistoric social media channel) a couple of months ago. My girlfriend Val wanted to take me to Canada for a while now and we just never seemed to have the right budget to do it properly, so I told her why don’t we put a post on our Instagram account and ask our followers if anyone knows anyone that might know someone who is willing to rent out their RV for a not-so-crazy amount of money. The same day we got a reply from the account thislifetothenext saying that he could probably miss his van for a month, no problem. We asked him, ok and what do you want for it? He replied by saying he did not want anything at all in return. That’s right! He was willing to lend his van out to complete strangers just because it felt right to him.

But wait, the story gets even better; Alexander, the owner of the van, told us he would drive from Seattle to Vancouver (an almost 3 hour drive) to come and pick us up at the airport and hand the van over to us in person. How do you get back then, we asked. Ah don’t worry; I’ll take the train back, he said. Wait a minute? What?? Is he serious? This guy is even going to personally hand over his van and will take care of his own transport back and still wants nothing in return?

Well, that was the ultimate sign for us to go online and find the cheapest possible flights from Europe to Canada.

I never really doubted the whole thing, but once we were in the air flying to Canada a couple of weeks ago we did ask each other; what if this is a hoax and he is not there when we land? We both said: oh, it will be ok… And if he is not there we’ll find another solution. Luckily it didn’t come that far and what’s even better, is that he is going to be at the airport next Friday when we fly back!


So crazy and we can’t thank him enough for letting us use his van for this amazing 6000km roadtrip! It has allowed us to see beautiful spots and meet many amazing people. Your karma point have been maxed out I am sure! I will write a separate post soon about the whole trip :)

The Human kindness project

I have traveled to over more than 40 countries worldwide and talked to people from at least 50 different countries these past ten years. Each and every one of them had more than one story to tell that always came down to a random act of human kindness #RAK. For me, in every day life this is the exact opposite of FUD.


And now it is up to you!

Let the world know that no matter where you come from, you can come up with a story that shows how kind a human can be. Write a post about something kind that you experienced in your life lately. Tag it with #RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and I will upvote it personally and hopefully a lot of others will follow.

To spread the word and qualify:

Start your title of the post with: The Human Kindness Project – Country (where did it happen?) – Title (short description). Please document with a couple of photos (they don’t have to be professional at all) and if you really can’t, that’s fine as well.

Lets make the #RAK tag a trending tag on Steemit.

Imagine this as the biggest anti-FUD campaign ever and show what we are capable of as humans!

All the best!

PS: As a test and to see how many people read the end of a post I’ll be giving away 5 booster packs from @steemmonsters to the first five people who comment on this post with a link to their #RAK post on their Steemit/steempeak/busy account. If you don't what the monsters are all about, just check out their account. It is going to be insane!


What a nice cause!

Thanks, now we need some people posting RAKs on steemit :)

I make the start today with a resteem ;-)

Hey glad to see your posting and am looking forward to more about your trip @toocurious,
Oh the memories I'm still trying to let go of.
FISH ON ohhhhhhhhh FISH OFF, LOL
Cliff balloon pic.jpg

Beautiful .. wonderful pictures of you
Nice good experience for you, well done
Thanks for the post..

This is a great idea and campaign, I will support #RAK and use the hashtag

I love the amazing adventurous spirit, keep spreading the word :)

Wow! This is so inspiring. I’m sure there have been some small cases of #RAK in my life... I’ve noticed that recently waiters and shop assistants here in Thailand had been giving me small discounts, just randomly for no reason 😁
Anyway, your story inspires me not just to look for acts of kindness from other people but to perform them myself. What if each of us performed one, however small or big, #RAK every single day? Because why not?! 😊🙌🏽
Thank you for sharing this, I’ll definitely follow you! 🙏🏼

I sincerely needed to read this. I just went on a rant about some very disturbing realities we are all facing. Only... the way to fight hate is through love. Not ranting. Thank you for reminding me!

What an awesome guy, letting you use his van! I agree that the media makes everyone think the world is falling apart at the seams because things are horrific. The reality is much the opposite for so many people. Thanks for sharing your experience and the beautiful photos! I might put something together for the RAK but I will try to promote the tag!

Thanks man, really appreciate that comment. And I hope you come up with a good RAK to share :)

I'm not even entirely sure how I ended up on your page, but it's a beautiful story and proof positive that "goodness" still exists in the world.

As I read this, something came to mind... and it pokes at the edges of how the world works. Perhaps. Consider that FUD really occurs as a type of "groupthink." We hear about it because it's a "collective" energy. It's like a bucket of sand. RAK, on the other hand, is a bunch of individual acts. It's each individual grain of sand, uniquely described.

I understand why I was to see this post... I just finished writing my own post about a random kindness in which someone I don't even know or follow delegated me Steempower. For no reason. Just a RAK. Whether my post is the first five or not isn't important; I didn't even know about this when I wrote it, and I didn't use #rak as a tag. What matters is the synchronicity of these kindnesses happening.

Hope that makes sense!

Have a beautiful day!


Well that is nicely put! Maybe if we get enough single sand grains we can get to fill a bucket and change the mind of the group ;)

That sounds awesome - perhaps times are changing? Everywhere? Let's go for it - i like your post! I like synchronicity and happening - that's the (new) way! Have a nice day too.

Great post! I also feel that the media these days spreads so much negativity and bad vibes! It's not just the news that is usually so very depressive and negative, even the soap operas (at least in India) are so very negative that I usually find them very repulsive! They almost make you feel as if there is no goodness and kindness left in the world - too much of FUD! So, I definitely like the idea of #RAK. Hope to hear more such stories of kindness and positivity!

This is an awesome development and it deserves a great boost. I'm glad I read to the end. Someone said to me, that no one does things which wouldn't benefit them, I believe arguments wouldn't convince that class of persons but an experience of Random acts of Kindness (RAK). I'm a supporter of this movement,
Kudos to the initiators of it!

Thank you @toocurious ! Wish my husband would have proposed me to me nomads too an year ago when we had nowhere to stay and separate.. I hope RAK will go long way!

Hi Sunnyali, thank you for your kindness towards me. I really appreciate that!

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tulisan yang sangat bagus, saya suka ini

It is a good step for doing the best campaign. I do support you and i will use the hastag #RAK
May God always gives easiness for this campaign :) :)

I think this is a great idea!!!

This is the first post of yours im reading. Best. thanks.

Stumbled on this post and its so making sense, a world without kindness would be worse than the Hobbesian state of nature, kindness encompasses all bitterness, it saves life and elevates spirit. For a better world, be kind!

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You are a lucky man jajaja wow was a amazing adventure for you congrats friend and good luck in the next trip jejeje

True. We're too worried about not making enough money we'll need to buy crap we don't really need.

I will use the hashtag on Instagram also to help

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Got stuck on the road one day, night gradually coming, no hope of getting to my destination, suddenly a military guy showed up in his hilux van, he beckoned on us to get in, we got in and he drove us to our destination, he didn't take a dime from us. What an act of kindness.

Definitely the kind of story I am looking for. Great RAK!!!

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Nice. BC is the best province, keep an eye out for bigfoot

Beautiful photos, canada is wonderful

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I will write a seperate post soon about the whole trip :).
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These type of cause should be prompted to get awareness globally # RAK

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4:)...thank you..I'm struggling a bit too here to build up and I just wanted to thank everybody for their kindness...I'm planning in close future to start renovations for my kids in house and would be happy and honoured if you could be a supporter too..I love a lot your lifestyle as I consider myself a "nomad" too...not having my own place but helping and last months I moved out from many places and traveled. I do consider that your baby already is pretty smart developed thanks to your lifestyle. She will be and already is, different from other kids, in a good way:).

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This is great idea my friend.I am reading your post my friend but I loved it. I am going to support your idea and also will go to your account and read each and every post. Thanks for sharing this.

Wow what an adventure Canada must have been!
I can tell you even on the other side of the planet in New Zealand they have the same kind of kindness. You call it #RAK I call it unbelievable 😉

I wrote about our airbnb hostess that didn't want to have any money from us and the same evening the guy that arranged I could go surfing the other day!:

Last week with the #7daypositivitychallenge I wrote about two people one with his hands full the other one walked by and returned and did press for the elevator on the button. Such a small gesture, but oh what a big pleasure for the other person! You can read it here:

Oh don't you just love all these positive stories about people? 😍

Now do I need to create a new post (as you mentioned) about these stories or can i simply react here by linking them? It's your call! 😀

Thanks for sharing, this is exactly what I mean! I feel to make it really take of you should write a separate post with the title being The human kindness project and posting it on #rak.
The more posts out there with this title, the more people will start thinking about it!

👌 Ok, gonna write a new post about it and post it with the #rak.
I'm gonna create a backlog with all those things I want to write about hehe 🤣

The Human Kindness Project is very important and helpful...

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Really enjoying away from the city life

I can smell a positive vibration through your post. Lets spread kindness among mankind with love and purity.

@toocurious , please be kind to verify your wallet and message, thank you!

Wow - i like that idea very much!!!! We can make a difference and many people do so yet. At the moment i have not much time for writing a post - but i will - hopefully next week. Meanwhile i resteem your post on steemit - especially in the german section for i usually write in German ;-)

Good luck for #RAK

The whole concept of #RAK is flawless in today's scenario. Noone want to show kindness they just want to rule so what you are taking is a best message in mankind throughout your post
I really like your post and 100% support your post.
keep posting Act of RAK