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RE: Beauties of Cuba: my ultimate photo collection of classic American cars

Nice brother! But if you were me, you would have broke this up into about 10 different photo posts and milked this collage for all it's worth! HAHAHAHA

But seriously, very nice group of photos. Almost feel as if I just went to Cuba and woke up back here in Vietnam!

Best to you and Tammy!



Hahaha I know you would that! :D Know your sneaky tricks :D But like I said, I have already used some of those images in my previous posts and I just wanted to have all my of my best car shots in one place so I compiled this collection ;)

Thanks for your visit buddy. I hope you are having a great time in Vietnam. Are you still with Gabi?

I have to stop by your blog more often. Vietnam is cool. A bit crazy and dangerous, but that's kind of why we came here. And yes, I'm still with the lovely Gaby. She is a good girl!

Dangerous? Really? I thought Asia was pretty safe. At least much safer than Latin America :D Good to know you are still with Gabi :) Regards to her! Is she on Steem yet?

I meant the traffic here in Vietnam. I should have been more specific. The traffic here is insane and very dangerous. But then again traveling on motorbike was our choice. Gaby is going to start steeming but she is having a bit of a hard time getting going. I can be a pretty big distraction! haha

Haha I believe you can :D Well, looking forward to her posts :) Cheers bud!