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If you love to fish, newly caught fresh fishes want to cook in the sea, then this post is for you, our Bay of Bengal, but the ideal place for fishing.
You can see the wonderful sunset in the fishing pasha pashi head. Here, in the silence of the pins, the waves of the waves of the waves will appear, along with the golden waves in the dark blue water on one side of the boat and the other with the moon's lamps on the other side. The last light of the sun is the feeling of seeing from the middle of the ocean, which is not to be expressed in the film or in words. And if there is no swim, then you can come swimming in transparent water like glass. When you return, you will see the light of the moon in the darkness of lightning, like the flash light.
Hunting hunters who go fishing in the ponds or lake in the pond or who never catch fish, you can go to the deep sea to chase fish. Fishing in the pond river and fishing in the sea is a little different, I think the fish in the sea is a type of ass, because the fish are tossed in fish or in the lake, or if they are prone to stress, it can be understood that the fenugreek has been constructed / pulling the yarn. But the sea fish bait is sitting on the pressure of silence! And because of the waves it is not easy to understand that fish are baiting, so fishing at the sea is a bit difficult, it takes a little time to gain control. We went from Dhaka to Dhaka, but we can not understand whether it is eating fish while sitting on rod. The people of Santartinai, without the rod, just sit in yarn with a yarn of water, then it is easy to understand the fish. You can catch the fish while sitting in the jungle or on the jetty. As a bait, you will need to buy fish for 50 to 100 bucks of fish for fishing. Many boats leave for a boat every day from 4pm onwards, they can talk to any of them and go with them, it will cost a lot, and you can choose the boat known for safety or speaking from the hotel. Boats, there must be more fishing in the boat. And there are some brothers in TAB who can talk to them. Centermerin or Cox's Bazar, you can go fishing from two places. We fixed the boat for a very small amount of 200 taka oil + 100 bucks (Tkop) + 300 cash. I went back to 4pm at 10pm, thus giving two days. If you do not want to go far away, you can catch a few miles away from Deep. But the fish will get more away. If you are on the other side of the level of travel, you can go for the whole night. At night, the middlemen went fishing to catch fish. If you want to cook and eat in the boat, then talk to the moderators before, usually on their boat the oven and you can cook and cook. Before leaving, you must take dry food, water with water. You can also take life jackets if you think you need it.
You can catch coral, tuna, subscription, paw, vetaki and gupar fish in the ocean very easily. But the coral and vetaki tie is more caught. The tourists did not normally go fishing. In Santartini, we were in the center of the discussion of the whole Deep. Everyone came and asked, 'Where did I go, got the fish.' One came and told us that he got a 30 kg coral on our 2nd day spot. Meanwhile, other types of fishing methods are different, the fish have plastic fish with 3 heads of fish, which is kept in the water and if the boat is big fish.
Take a little trouble with your dirt and bring it to a specific place. Even if others do not bring them, they will continue.
Happy Traveling


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