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RE: Travel Tip: Petrin Lookout Tower, the Prague brother of the Eiffel Tower

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That was such a cool place to visit. The views on a clear day, amazing. And the stairs to get up, a bit challenging, but fun to see the view change as you went up.

Not only the tower but the park as well. My family and I had a great time walking there as well as going up. Lot's of places to sit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. We almost went to the mirror maze, but it wasn't open at that time, hehe.

Prague 6.jpg


The walk up and down with the magnificent views of Prague is probably the best part of it! This easily is one of my most favourite places in Prague. Glad to hear you were able to experience it yourself. Have a good one. Tomas

There was another amazing view from the old observatory in the center of town too. Can't remember the name of it. But it has one of those old, breathtaking libraries in it. Gonna have to search through my pics so I can find some and write about it :)