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RE: Travel Tip: Petrin Lookout Tower, the Prague brother of the Eiffel Tower

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Petrin Lookout Tower must be known as the Eiffel Tower of the Prague :)

The Petrin Lookout Tower strongly resembles the iconic Eiffel Tower but it is not the exact replica. There are several differences including, of course, the size. Although the Petrin Tower looks monumental, it actually reaches just 1/5 of the Eiffel Tower real size.

Thanks you so very much for showing this wonderful monument of your culture Tomas. Being student of cultural studies it really means lot to me.

Let me share quite similar monument of my place with you as well; Minar-e-Pakistan located in the historical city, Lahore :)


Pertin Lookout Tower's location is really eye catching for the visitors 0.5 million is quite wonderful stats to visit this place :)


The Lahore tower looks magnificent! Thank you for sharing with us. Tomas