TRENDO TOKEN Latest Update - [TRDo Update]

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Hello Steemians / Trendo'ians,
We [Team TRDo] decided to re-activate TRDo developments top of STEEM blockchain. (But we don't trust the chain since the last HF)

Changes of the TRDo Project

During the last couple of weeks time, we [Team TRDo] introduced below features with the bot project.
  • Delegation based mining project - @trendotoken as a curation bot
  • Token burning mechanism
  • Distribution plan has been changed
  • Server migration

Delegation based mining project - @trendotoken as a curation bot

Now you are eligible to delegate your precious STEEM POWER & earn reward from one of 5 reward pools of the delegation bot (daily reward distribution).
Each delegation categorized into 5 reward pools as follows: (Assigned Daily Rewards 2250 TRDo)

Reward Pool
Pool Percentage
Token Amount (PerDay)
< 1000 SP
180 TRDo
1000 SP < Delegation < 5000 SP
270 TRDo
5000 SP < Delegation < 10000 SP
450 TRDo
10000 SP < Delegation < 25000 SP
562.5 TRDo
25000 SP < Delegation
787.5 TRDo

Token burning mechanism

Every Two Weeks, we will power down Curation Income of One Week & will use that funds to buy tokens from TRDo Marketplace & process token burning.
At the moment we buy TRDo at 0.001 STEEM & we are planning to burn tokens till token price reach 0.005 STEEM.

Distribution plan has been changed

We have changed TRDo distribution plan as follows:
  • Comment based token distribution :- 4250 tokens per day
  • Delegation based token distribution :- 2250 tokens per day
  • Proof of Stake based token distribution :- 1500 tokens per day

Server Migration

We are planning to do a Server migration of TRDo during next week. Hope this might take 1 hour - 6 hours (Maximum) down time.

Move to HIVE?

No, TRDo will not move to HIVE, but yes, we will launch a new token project there & under that project, TRDo type token will be launched. But TRDo will remain top of STEEM chain & we hope to process an airdrop for the TRDo token holders when we launch that project.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

Join us at TWITTER.COM
Join us at REDDIT.COM
Join us at TUMBLR.COM
Join us at MEDIUM.COM

Im new here so im slowly picking up on thinks but this seems really cool! im going to talk with my guy who introduced me to this platform so he can explain it to me more.

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