Hm ...

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something missing on the trendotokens ? it doesnt post anymore

yea yea yea, im on comms blackout b/c it's way too pitfall-ish with all the madness going on here, there and everwyhere to add more than 2 letters together and come out with something that offends someone and you get banned from faceberg to cruddit and in between

And so, but

i must have missed 50 cents or something, this aint even gonna pay the hosting anymore lol

wow something seems to have edited my video while i was sleeping , probably team satellius who doesnt like what it cant control ? Looks like someone left the window open on the youble server farm and it rained into my screens , is funny and bem but well, comms blackout till november

i just do

gud, since i talked i will consider extending the comms blackout for an extra week until november 8 then