More espaliering + grape vine propagation

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Today I was planning to fill the whole fence with espaliered trees but I wasn't that lucky. It got pretty cold today and I ran out of steel wire so I was only able to do one tree.

Unlike the cherry tree, the pear tree I've done today is really well suited for espaliering.

This is the tree I started with. It wasn't too wild except for some bits at the top and some growth at the back that needed removing.


And this is how it looks now. I did some pruning as well and got rid of most of the top growth. There still is a branch on the right that is not in the right position but I will leave it for now in case the branch above doesn't do too well. Once the tree wakes up I will select the strongest top branch as the new leader and prune it at 2 buds to get the branches for the top layer. I might even try my hand at grafting some buds lower on the tree so I can have a bottom layer as well.

For the corner space I want to have a grape vine.

This plant received no pruning since I got it last year as I was not sure what I want to do with it.

I've decided to keep the 2 strongest branches. I will use one cordon for filling the space close to the corner of the fence and let the other cordon grow around the corner on the existing fence.

I thought I'd try to clone this vine so I kept the bits I cut.

I cut the 2 year old growth and only kept the bits from last year.

It's important to remember which way's up otherwise they won't root. I've buried 3-4 buds and kept 2 on top. From some reading I've done after the fact I understand that I should keep only one bud at the top. I will probably run a test and leave one of the sticks with one bud and the other one with 2 and see what the difference will be.

Alright, that's it for now.



ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thanks man!

Hey @costopher, good to see you still at it!

The grape at our allotment is now in its second year and you've reminded me that I need to prune off last year's growth.

Lovely to see some fruit trees going in, I have a soft spot for those. We're working through this season's harvest of courgettes, pumpkins, potatoes, onions and more this winter. Mice have broken into our shed to eat the pumpkins, so the war is on!

Hope everything is well with your plants, I have to try to use #SteemIt more often!

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