These look really good!

Welcome to our small group of bonsai enthusiasts. There is a handful of us.

I love the little fruit icons you used. Where did you find these?

The Ficus and Lemon are two that I am also growing as bonsai.

Ficus, everyone seems to say to be ultra careful if you ever decide to repot. Keep as much soil and roots undisturbed as possible, or the whole thing might have a meltdown. I took a cutting from the ficus and stuck it inside a glass jar with a cup over the top (terrarium), and it grew very fast, and loves the high humidity. It's not forming the thick roots like the mother plant, so I have no idea how the fat roots are made. Possibly grafted.

Lemon can be tricky. I keep my outdoors in the Summer, where they do very well. When I move them indoors for winter, they usually struggle after a few months. I think the indoor heaters dry the air out too much. Then I struggle with knowing if they are receiving too much water, not enough water, or if I should cover them or not in plastic to increase humidity. Bright lights, warm water baths, and spritzing water on them seem to help restore them slightly, but it does not always work once the leaves shrivel up. If I'm lucky the root will regrow a new shoot.

Recently, I've heard experts say that it is best not to trim young fruit trees too much. Let them grow tall to form a thick trunk as soon as possible, and it will improve the life health of the tree. It needs lots of leaves to develop a strong root system. I think this is why a lot of fruit growers are unhappy with turning fruit-bearing trees into bonsai, because they know the tree is less likely to survive.

Not sure what names are best. Quill is a random name that jumped into my name for the Lychee. It has four leaves (Quad), and thin, upright stems. I like to nickname my trees too.

Thank you so much! This is very helpful :)
I'm glad there are other bonsai lovers out there!

Oh and the icons are from :) I use it very often!

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