Dragon Blood Tree ( Dracaena Cinnabari )

The #Dragon Blood Tree's shaped like an #Umbrella. #Dragon Blood tree Densely Packed Crown. The Species of this Color is named as the Black red #Resin, called #"Blood of #Dragon". Contrary to maximum #Monocot plants, #Dracaena shows secondary growth. D.Cinnabari is also the tree of trees found in the species of tree Species such as development zones.


Along with other #Arborescent #Dracaena Species it is called #"Dracoid Habitus" #Habitus of a certain development. Its Leaves are found only at the end of its small branches. Its leaves have loss every leaf or leaves, every 3 or 4 years ago before it gets Adolescent. Branching occurs when Terminal Clay progress is closed or because of #Flower or accidental events.


Its Fruit containing between 1 and 3 seeds of small #Freshy Barries. As they progress, they are turm from #Darker than #Green. And then become Orange. The #Barries are eaten by #Birds such as ( #Onychognatus Species ) and thus dispersed. Seeds are in 4-5 mm diameter and average 68 mm is weight. [4] The #Barries extract from a deep #Red #Resin, known as #Blood of #Dragon.

This is All about the #Dragon #Blood #Tree.

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