Time for tree

in #trees3 years ago

The past two days have seen us clearing off the fallen trees from my property. Several took a beating the other night in the ice storm.

Yesterday my wife got to the pruning shears first, so she cut the smaller limbs off the fallen branches while I and the kids picked them up. I would have had more fun cutting, but it was what it was. With all the piling we were doing, when we finally quit, I thought the yard was a bigger mess than before we started. The biggest problem was the largest branches were wedged deep into the tree, and we couldn't budge them. I wasn't helped because I don't have a chainsaw. I do have an axe, but it's never been sharpened. I might do that myself, if I knew where my old whetstone was. So I'll check with one of the local hardware stores and see if they sharpen tools.

Today, my father-in-law, who does have a chainsaw, came out, and quickly sawed down the big limbs. My wife was out, so now I had the chance to properly sheer down the fallen branches, and get started on the mess of the pine trees. We've got a mass of branches about eight feet high and wide in front of the house. We'll look for disposing it soon.

Fun times.