Winter is coming!

in #trees3 years ago

Thanks to "Game of Thrones" we all know the phrase, "Winter is Coming!"

Even if you like the cold months, you can't shake the feeling of gloom and dread the Stark's motto brings. Long, cold, dark nights. Privation. Misery.

Of course, the Game of Thrones world is full of misery, regardless of the season.

I was recently chatting with a Ukrainian about our autumns in Kentucky. I said generally, we get mild, sunny days, then we get a little rain, some more rain, still more rain, then cold rain, and finally, it's winter. She said it was pretty much the same way there too.

Tonight, we sat at the threshold of autumn and winter. A wintry mix hit us hard. Sleet covered the roads, my county's schools called off, and some lost power.

The trees were hard hit. My wife had sent me a text earlier saying something big and loud crashed. It may have been the neighbor's tree, or it was perhaps the holly in our front yard. The pine trees are hanging low too. In the morning, we'll know better if that holly has had it or not

I'll post pics if I can get them.

Winter is coming, and it's only mid-November, with a full month of proper autumn to go. This winter might be one for the books. We'll see.


This afternoon gave my region its first winter storm of the season. Some areas are forecast to receive 9 inches. My walk home from the bus stop tomorrow night will be interesting.

Are you being hit by Avery? According to what I've read, what we got here was just the tips of it.

Yeah, it was Avery. The street outside my place looks pretty slick.

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