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This is Shogun Sugi,

a tree in Niigata Prefecture that is claimed to be the largest tree in Japan.


With a circumference of 19.31 meters, and an estimated age of 1,400 years, it is an impressive tree to be in the presence of.

Legend has it that one day, many, many years ago, villagers living in a nearby town developed a plan to cut Shogun Sugi down and carve it into a boat. Hearing of this, the tree sank down into the ground beneath it and hid itself from sight. When the villagers arrived the next morning, their axes in hand, they were surprised to find that the tree was gone. Since that day, people have believed that this tree is able to channel special powers and cannot be cut down.


Local lore claims that the place where Shogun Sugi stands is a power spot, and that walking a full circle around the trunk of this tree will restore a person’s health and vitality.


Have you ever stood before a living being that was over 1,000 years old? What was it like? Tell me about it in the comments below.


It's been awhile, I am glad to see a new post @boxcarblue. Welcome back! !BEER

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Thanks for the welcome back and the beer. It has been a while. What’s beer coin all about?

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We visited the Sugi-no-osugi in Kochi, it’s a 3000 years old cedar tree, known to be the tallest in Japan. It was huge and intimidating, couldn’t fit the whole tree in one single camera shot.

I’ve still never been to Shikoku. I’d really like to cycle through there some day. It’s really something to stand before these giant trees, isn’t it? I hope I can go back to the redwood forests in California some day. They’re incredible.

This is all of Shogun Sugi. Unfortunately, it’s mid section fell down in a typhoon in 1960s.


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Nice to see you back @boxcarblue! It's funny that my wife and I were talking about old trees this past weekend. We were admiring a large tree at a historical ranch house in Camarillo, California, when I remarked about a tree I had been studying at the Mission San Buena Ventura earlier that morning. I was thinking about all that the tree had been witness to during it's life span...nowhere near 1,000 years though. We did recently see a large slice of a redwood tree that was cut down in 1943. They have the slice on display in Fort Bragg, California, near the town hall. At the time it was felled, it was the largest redwood tree known to have grown in Mendocino County. The informational plaque on the tree noted that it took a 22 foot saw and 60 man hours to bring the tree down. I think some of the redwoods can live to be 2,000 years old.

60 hours is a lot of time to spend cutting down one tree. I can’t imagine what that must have looked and sounded like when it came down.

A thousand years is so hard to imagine. This tree, Shogun Sugi, is on the side of a mountain in the countryside. From where it stands, the view might not have actually changed that much in its lifetime. Still, it’s hard to imagine how it could remain standing all of this time.

I’m not sure how old the legend about it is. I wonder if that protected it during logging periods. Now it’s nationally protected, so barring any diseases and natural disasters, it should keep on growing and outliving us and our children and maybe our grandchildren as well.

The slice of the tree has a saw mounted across it. Presumably the blade that felled it. Here’s the thing. The slice is just a slice. That means they had to cut through the fallen tree a second time. That’s a lot of work.

Some people have a lot of free time🤣

YAY!!!!! Awesome to see you dude! No I have not came into contact with anything that is living and that old! Not by a long shot! That makes that tree there very special. It sure has seen a lot and I hope it goes another 1400 years at least!!! Much appreciation for sharing it.

That would be something, wouldn’t it? Based on the looks of it’s surroundings, I don’t think this tree gets many visitors. That means it could have a pretty good chance of continuing on as is.

Welcome back! I am so happy to see you posting and it is a welcome sight to see such a magnificent sight! I have stood in the presence of the giant redwoods in Northern California and I can honestly say that

Thanks for the warm reception. I just happened to go to mushroom picking down the street from this giant tree and thought, hey, tomorrow is Tree Tuesday. I’ve got something to post about:-)

You're back! :)
And ooooh wow... What a comeback!! These massive giants are great! That's an impressive trunk, a pity about the mid-section... But still... I've experienced some giants but I can't remember - I don't think they were over 1000 years old. Some hundreds maybe.

It is a shame about the mid-section isn’t it? It seems it was blown down in the 60s by a typhoon. I would have liked to have seen it before then.

Now I need to think up another follow up post;-)

Yes, it would be even more majestic than it already is now... A lesson on what could have been if a different turn of events had taken place :)

Cool... Looking forward to what may come... :)

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