Thailand Cherry Blossom Trees !!

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With all the negativity the gloomy days and all the these so called government power freaks who are in control of our world blaming each other instead of addressing there nations properly and making them feel more comfortable are out there only for the best of there interest a true fact and the people of the world are suffering and dying from all this greed of power conflict :(


April 2020 202.jpg

So this morning , i want to bring you something more on the brighten side , i saw this beautiful cherry blossom look alike tree in Thailand a tree that i haven't seen before in Thailand and it really made me happy to see this beautiful Thailand Cherry Blossom Tree as i will call it or named it , seeing this beautiful colorful tree this morning with these clusters of flowers blooming on this tree really gave me hope that we can come back as as this tree full of strength only if we all unite together and stop all these power trips amongst our nations.


April 2020 201.jpg



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Thank you @hafizullah and @diyhub much appreciated :)

That is a beauty especially coz we have snow on the ground :(

Still having snow over there must be getting close to spring or summer over there by now😊

Very nice trees and good capture!
They are really beautiful pink blossoms!

First time i see this tree and yes very beautiful :)

Do you know the name of this tree?!
Wanna have one in my garden!

I wish i did know the real name of this tree , it's the only one i have seen in Thailand and this tree lives just down the road from me , the first time i have seen it bloom so beautifully.

I will see if i can catch the owners and ask them if they know the name of this tree :)

You can also try google it's not much help at times but you never know.

Wow, nice Cherry blossom trees photography.

Thank you Sir :)

I guess any day is treetuesday, right, my friend. Hmmmm... is today Tuesday? So now I am confused!

Ahhhhh....way not i just felt naturist that day...hahaha :)