Tree Tuesday - The HF20 Tree !!

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Last weekend was quite a relaxing weekend for me it was nice to be away from the computer screen and out and about enjoying mother nature i was walking around yet another huge park in Bangkok which i had lloked up on google and decided to go there again another exciting park full of beautiful nature that i will talk about in another post but it is this tree which i named the "HF20 Tree" that i want to show you. As i was exiting the park from the other end after my 6 hour walk i came across this tree just outside the gates on the street walkway.




I would say this is a real twisted up Banyan Tree but it reminded me of what the boys were going through trying to untangle all the issues with HF20 now i am far from any high tech person but i could only imagine what this team was going through with all the pressure endured on them we can cry , winch and say what we want but we are not there doing it and even though the HF20 might have been tested before hand nothing is guaranteed to go perfect can you untangle this tree because that's what they would of been doing trying to untangle a bunch of roots going in every direction possible and leading them to one correct path.




Can you image someone throwing you a bunch of wires like the roots of that tree and telling you to hey guys find all the connecting ends join them and hopefully your connected all the right wires with each other and it's going to work fine well again i am glad it wasn't me i would of had a heart failure before i even started.




And for us we can criticize as much as we like tested , untested despite all the stress we where not there on this mission and considering the task these guys were given i think they completed this mission successfully so what we lost a few dollars there are people far worst of then us at least we are able to come back to our screens and start earning some dollars again.

Great job guys from birth of a little branch on the side of a tree.


And life goes on reach to the sky's there are no limits. Steem on people the web has been untangled well at least i think so. Thank you guys :)



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I love your thought processes when coming up with the great title for this tree @hangin What a tangled mess! But strangely enough........there is a purpose for every twist and turn and in the end, we see beautiful signs of new life springing up. Hopefully that will be represented in steemit as we all adjust to the changes. A great post my friend.

Thank you @trudeehunter i had to put a bit of sunshine and humor back on the platform after so many dark shadows and mix feelings and your excatly right there is always a reason for a reason and hopefully it was done for the good of all of us :)

Well, you certainly succeeded in bringing sunsine and humour into the mix @hangin and I'm sure all who read this blog will appreciate it, as I did.

Your post will be shared in my daily report :)

Thank you Sir :)

hahaha a little funny with the tree you named the hf20 tree 😂😂

Hahaha....can't always be serious got to have a bit of a laugh...but it was the right tree for the occasion :)

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A magnificent tree. And a decent metaphor 😉

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Thank you very much @ervin-lemark :)

Perfect name LOL!

Was just the perfect tree for the occasion :)

The tree is phenomenal. Like a sculpture! It's a good name.

Thank you @bluemoon .....Definitely suited the occasion :)

Yes, for sure!

What a tangled web we weave! Technology is great....since I am on this side of it. Behind the scenes must resemble this tree!

But, the whole messy tree stands firm, solid roots, reaching upward. Every one has this life opportunity. If we don't let the mess choke us!

Zig and zag through life....leave a trail as twisted as the tree but, as you can see, you are still growing and creating something!

As they say move forward don't let it defeat you and you will succeed no matter what :)