Weku: a great platform for beginner,a game changer!

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WEKU: A game changer, as everybody know. We the bloggers(specially rockie) were hopeless, as YouTube took over & low paying rate. For me, Freelancing also ruined careers of many young bloggers. You have to sell your hardly and passionally written high quality content for few pennies . Blog site also lost its era, as people are no more intrested in searching blogs for hours when they have YouTube. Then, some crypto currency platform like Steemit came: as a hope for rookies, But earlier,selfishly it also started behaving like investing sites. You post your precious words for them and nobody cares, until you buy Steem powers and promote yourself,but Weku is a site that pays for every single word. It is super supportive and legit. It also has cool features, you can also work here as an activist if you don't want to creat content,because it also pays for your activities. I persnolly commented on few post to check that whether its good or not and i earned good money. All you need is to put your content here,get more and more upvotes. It pays good money for every single upvote unlike Steemit, morever if you spread your content links on social sites to make more upvote on your post, you can also boost the money on your post. Weku also got early success and you can see that it has great traffic even on early days. So give your content for genuine and good payment that you deserve.
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