BE CAREFUL by using HIVE- Keychain: I lost 225 STEEM because of SWITCHING NODES

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When you read the headline – you will think, that i must be kind of stupid: Loosing STEEM – when using HIVE –Keychain :-P

But it´s true!

Here is the story behind:

6 days ago, i wanted to transfer from my HIVE-Wallet via Deposit function of HIVE-Engine 112 HIVE.

Post 1.PNG

Normaly a transaction to @honey-swap is generated, which „change“ your HIVE to swap.hive.

I tried it 2 times via HIVE-Keychain, which gave me an error (transaction failed). Finally on my 3. try it went trough and i got my 110 SWAP.HIVE on HIVE- Engine.
Here is the correct transaction on HIVE-Keychain; you can find it under

Post 2.PNG


Pos 3.PNG

Look at the function:


HIVE-Keychain switched the Node and put the transaction on STEEM –BLOCKCHAIN!!!

I never wanted to do this transaction and now 225 STEEM from me were lost on @honey-swap account.

Look at

Pos 4.PNG

Beside me others users had the same problem; like

I searched and talked a lot in discord forums and drop some question; but nobody can refund, because no one „seems“ to be the owner of @honey-swap account on STEEM-Blockchain.

But thanks a lot to people trying to help me in discord – Great community here and there!!!

Please mention:
I don´t want to talk bad words on people behind „the scenes“ – because of them i can use services like Hive-Engine / HIVE-Keychain : And therefore also a thank you to them;
I wanted to warn others users:
Actually be careful, when using HIVE-Keychain and doing transaction – ESPECIALLY when you had the same keys on HIVE and STEEM.

Now i´m changing my keys on HIVE, that this will never happen again.

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Thanks an greets mfblack


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You probably saved a lot of crypto for lot of people sharing this. Thanks a lot man! I'll be careful. Reblogged.

Thank You so much on information.