Country that tries to pump its people’s pockets now economy dump so bad

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Latin American country Venezuela 🇻🇪 Rich resources but still have hyper inflation the currency has reach to almost zero many countries not accepting their currency the situation is worsening that family earning 5 million per month can’t afford food their people are carring bundles of notes here and there but can’t get any thing to eat . The people are dying of hungry they are forced to leave their own homes own city and finally country but why this happened???
No one even thought that this will happen but due to wrong decision of government and policies 1- no privatisation, 2- no investment other diversified sectors, 3- people depend on government jobs only , and government hires people without any work and distribution of salaries for free , 4- people make habit of getting every thing for free , 5- everyone in a country is dependable on oil based government own company
8FC2A464-7871-41C5-9FA9-AD3E3E62BBAF.jpeg now after Covid situation are worsening to worst people start leaving country . People are killing and stealing each other and about 5 million people shifted to nearby countries