Marvel Avengers optimization really sucks !

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Hello steemians , hope you are doing okay !
Today's topic is about a very serious and most common problem faced by PC gamers is that bad optimization of games .
M A R V E L - A V E N G E R S
we all know that the year 2020 was a pretty bad year for people around the world and also gamers.
Avengers was the most ancanticipated game of 2020 but it disappointed lots of people because of its bad optimization and frames drops .
From the graphics prospectus it is a beautiful game but the developer of the game failed to deliver a smooth experience for the players .


It is such a beautifully design game man ..
Just look at the visuals but deep down these graphics does not matter any more if you had a bad optimization experience. It sucks all the power from the pc and make the pc lags a lot .


In the above pic you can see the main character of the game. Her name is " KAMALA KHAN" .
She is Muslim in this game .In short the game story is very good and interesting and you guys should also try this.
Thank you so much for reading the post .
I really appreciate it
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