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RE: Trial by Comics winners for "Zombies" and new theme announced!

Firstly your First and second prizes are So deserving, I love these two! It's funny I always think of @veryspider and @scrawly as a duo as I see one then I see the other :)

I so wanted to enter the character design contest, as I have these characters I've been carrying around for ever that I haven't really given a 'voice yet' Oh, well too busy in the Summer, I'm sure you will do another that is just design a character.

Amazing work all winners and mentions! I love contests and challenges, they are what really brought me in and got me to 'meet' many other steemians.


Ahh it's too bad that you were too busy to enter, Donna, but I totally understand too. With contest, I feel that I need to make a great picture, otherwise I wouldn't feel right to submit it, so it can't be done when I don't have enough time to do it.

Hopefully on the next design contest I will be able to see your entry :D.
And thank you for the compliment <3.