An Old Steampunk Hermit - Character Design - Trial by Comics

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Hello friends of steemit this time, I bring you my entry for trial By comic, organized by our friend @kommienezuspadt, I really did not know if I was going to give time to be part of this contest on this occasion, because I had some projects I was developing , but at least it took me time to make an entry, with this character that I did something quick, sketch on some drafts, in an old notebook where I do some quick sketches to capture my main ideas, this character represents a bit for some things that I've always been inspired since I was a child, as inventors, robots, and things that always hovered around my mind, and because of the drawings I always saw and some futuristic films, I think it also influences me reading some of Julio's novels Verne, when creating this character that has a very steampunk theme, and for the things that I do every day that I am always surrounded by transistors, cables and circuits, the drawing he creates for this occasion is an old inventor, of which he is already half robot and half human being, being parts of his extremities replaced by mechanical parts for your better mobility as seen by mechanical legs that act by a pneumatic system, and pneumatic arms that help you perform better jobs as they are members that can replace and adapt as appropriate, I hope you like the character created by me for this occasion.  

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Oh I like this old hermit a lot, I think you did a great job combining him with his robotic invention :D.


thank you friend I'm glad the drawing was of your liking.