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Hello friends of steemit this time participating in the contest of trial by comics organized by our friend @kommienezuspadt, I bring with the subject character of videogames I bring you one of the most known and famous games that occurred in almost all videogame consoles and that I'm part of my childhood because it was the first game I played which is Street fighter, this time I bring a very interesting character which is Cammy a character that appeared in the fourth version of Street fighter, I liked a poster version that I decided to reproduce in a similar way, as I am used to, I make a sketch with fast lines to place the figure on the sheet of paper and later define its characteristics with the use of colored crayons, and pencil, for which I had to paint strongly with the crayons and then polish this to achieve the clear tones and the crayon fill the bottom of the painted parts and then apply color in the darkest areas as appropriate I hope you like this version and it's to your liking.  

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