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Hello friends of steemit this time following with my participation in the trial contest By comics organized by our friend @kommienezuspadt, making this second entry with the theme create a character. I decided to make the creation of a somewhat modern character maybe something futuristic and as always I like merging things to create new things a little inspired also by mythology I came up with the design of a character after thinking a lot about what character to do. because since there are many characters of the comic that are characters which for me lack something, often you see strong characters or stylized bodies, with dazzling costumes, but if you try to imagine or know more about the character is difficult, because only see a beautiful body with, with an attractive outfit, I in these drawings that have been made and tried to create characters that relate or give you an idea of ​​what they do with just seeing them, this character as I said at first inspired me a bit in the mythology and technology, take as inspiration the centaur mythological characters who were half man and half horse, so I was inspired to create a character half woman and half motorcycle, of which one could make many hypotheses about this character, as can use a bionic suit that transforms it, as well as that could be a woman which is half machine, either by disability, or own choice or a vehicle or in which she could handle that way just by entering in and giving that cybernetic appearance, I hope you like this creation that I bring to you and be to your liking.  

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