The Hunger of the Undead - Zombies - Trial by Comics

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Hello friends of steemit this time I want to make my entry in the contest trial by comic organized by our friend @kommienezuspadt , with the theme zombies. Although I'm not very adept at these themes of terror, I wanted to make my own version of this theme, trying to inspire me in some comics of zombies, cosplay and manga, try to make some versions that in the end did not convince me so I had to try a lot before coming to this version I did it in scratched mode because it came scribbling a bit to find inspiration and I liked how it was in the sketch, the basic sketch I did in pencil and then start applying blue pen doodling with this and trying to follow the lines of the battered body of the zombie, I hope you like my creation.

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amazing how creativity overflows with pencil and paper

thank you very much friend I'm glad you liked my drawing, have nice days.

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