Trial by Comics winners for "Video Games" and new theme announced!

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Welcome, friends and artists, to Trial by Comics! Our last theme was “Video Games”. Tonight, the comic book illustrations will face combat to determine the three winners in what was one of our most popular themes. The participation over these two weeks was extraordinary! Also, I have to mention…as you’ll soon see, almost ALL of the winning entries for this week’s theme were by women! I fucking LOVE this! When I first joined Steemit, and brought many of my female friends to Steemit, there was a misogyny problem. Although it’s still the internet […albeit a decentralized internet], I’m feeling much more confident that those kind of users and crawling back under the floor boards.

I want to get to the winners right away, but first, as always, I like to remind you all of the Trial by Comics Discord Channel. We have an active community on Discord that goes well beyond just talking about Trial by Comics. You can share your artwork for other contests, promote your posts, talk about whatever comics you’re reading, writing or creating. There are over 250 members so join us if you haven’t already. When Steemit rolls out Communities, there will be a zombie like hoard of us coming from Trail by Comics Discord. Okay. Without further adieu, here are the winners for Trial by Comics “Video Games”!

FIRST PLACE! This week, the winning place on the podium goes t @razielmorales for her entry “Link/Trial by Comics”! This was a breathtaking rendition of Link from Zelda. I loved the pose, the line work, the color. All of it. There were so many great entries for “Video Games” but this really stood out to me. Congratulations @razielmorales! 25.000 SBD will be sent to you!

SECOND PLACE! I’m so pleased to announce that the second place winner this week is @yanes94, a long time participating and previous winner of Trail by Comics. This rendition of Kitana from Mortal Kombat for her entry, “Kitana of Mortal Kombat - TrialbyComics”. I was a diehard Mortal Kombat fan growing up so this appeals to my nostalgia. Congratulations! 10.000 SBD will be sent to you!

THIRD PLACE! @paokarinat killed it with her entry, “My own version of "MORRIGAN" by DRAGON AGE: Trial by Comic Contest theme "Video Games" Entry #1”. I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for beautiful raw pencils. As soon as I saw this drawing, it commanded my attention. It took me back to my early aspirational comic book artist days, drawing instead of paying attention in Art History class. Congratulations, @paokarinat! 5.000 SBD’s coming to you!

MERIT AWARDS! I can’t overstate how happy I am to see three ladies kicking the living shit out of Trial by Comics this week! Please, don’t stop drawing. Keep entering and representing the incredible female artists here on Steemit. There were several outstanding entries for “Video Games”, and I’d be remiss to not mention a few of the merit entries that didn’t make it in the top three, but nonetheless showcased the talent of the weekly Trial by Comics participants. Have a look and give a follow to all of this illustrators and painters! 






Trial by Comics new theme is “Mythology” 

For the last theme, I drew Kratos from God of War. This isn’t too far of a throw from that. Mythology. I really thought about this and I didn’t want to specify Greek or Roman mythology. We have so many Steemians from all reaches of the planet. @vermillionfox’s family is from Laos and I’ve heard legends of that culture. I’d love to see renditions of creatures or lore from a variety of cultural backgrounds. This theme is a gold mine! Titans, Krakens, Hydras. There is so much to work with! I did this sketch of Charon, Ferryman of The River Styx […in part because it’ll be artwork for a project I’m working on with @ghostfish], but you should get the point.

Deadline for “Mythology” is Monday, September 10th 5:00UTC 12:00a.m. CTS 


• Up to three entries per trial round [weekly]

• Original artwork only [process documentation strongly encouraged]

• Winners will be chosen based on quality of work, submitted before deadline and ability to adhere to the weekly trial theme

• Must resteem the contest post you’re participating in

• Must include #trialbycomics hashtag 

That’s it! Now it’s time to start drawing. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you all for regularly contributing and making Trail by Comics such a cornerstone of the Steemit art and comics community. I want to take a moment to encourage all of you to head on over to @bryan-imhoff’s @fundition project for his comic, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”! @bryan-imhoff is one of the hardest working guys in indie-crypto-comics. If you can spare some crypto, make a contribution […because karma, and you never know when you’ll be do the same with your comic one day]. Join the Trail by Comics Discord channel while you’re at it.


What a great field of winners! Love em’ all! I always regret not being more active in the Trial By Comics community, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes!
Thanks so much for the plug, but I don’t know about that one of the hardest working bit! 😬 I’m always amazed & inspired by the output and work ethic of so many other Steemians, including yourself. It’s the best part about being here, hands down.

What a joy to be part of the winners of this incredible contest and this time the first place what excitement! For travel reasons, I did not have time to see it until now, what a great surprise, thank you very much, I am happy to see the results of my effort, I love what it says in your publication; It is very motivating. Thank you very much, I am very happy for my prize.

Wow great entries, congratulations to all the winners!

OMG !!!!! I'm hallucinating!!!! thank you very much, it is a true honor to have been selected among so many talented artists. My congratulations to the winners. I love the new theme "Mythology", I'm already imagining little things hahaha<3<3<3

atento al siguiente ROUND :)

Wow, I'm glad I got the second place, congratulations to the other girls who won.

hehehehe women to power!!!

Thanks @kommienezuspadt

Congrats to all the winners and merit mentions! @bronkong & @sweettias definitely caught my eye. 😍

As always, love that you take the time to share your art with each round of this very cool contest. Look forward to the project reveal.

The theme mythology is another wonderful choice! ❤️

Congratulations to all the winners

Oh wow amazing theme! If this doesn't inspire me to draw and join then I don't know what will. 😂 Hope to submit an entry soon. Thanks

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All the winning entries are great, awesome! Congratulations to everyone participating in the contest, you guys certainly kick serious asses :D.

And the new theme is great :).

Hello! This is my entry, I hope to have time and do more, I loved this topic<3<3

Amazing turn out!!! And congrats to all winners :D Incredible that the top three are all drawn by women XD I LOVE IT !!!

Another kick ass theme to follow up, too * ___ * Mythology is an incredible theme !!!! I bet we will see wonderful entries yet again <3 <3 <3

Congrats winners !

And much kudos to @kommienezuspadt for always hosting these outstanding contests !!!

Hi @kommienezuspadt it is nice to see such beautiful works and that artists still creating, your contest is and was always something where I really took a part with a pleasure.

My Congratulations to all the winners and those who been mentioned, the works are really beautiful, you can see a lot of offords put into the works.

As you know we are all growing and changing. As I recently noticed that there are not many curation blog we created @art-venture and curating 10 posts with 100% every second day. Of course we are just a second week old but I would be grateful if you will visit our blog and the artists appreciate what we do.

Best wishes for all participants from @stef1 and @myskye and our project @art-venture, that we hope will...LIVE LONG AND PROSPER...

Here is my entry - Chinese dragon

Here’s my entry:

Thanks again for inspiring me to make an effort. ❤️


Wow Congratulations to all the winners! They have really tried hard to prove their talent and have done it, their drawings are amazing they deserve it :D

wow Great post

Congrats to all, especially to @yanes94 for her win .

Thank you very much dear @giuatt07 😘

Congratulations to the winner! Incredible entries :D
This will be a fun theme @kommienezuspadt !!
I will look into some Slavic mythologies, maybe find something unique, if not I can always draw Baba Yaga xD

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