My 'OLD' Mind is Like a 'Faded' Chalkboard...

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Getting old usually arrives with biological changes most of us need to make adjustments for.

Fortunately, I've managed somehow to remain a lot more healthy than "average" physically, yet I'm not quite sure about the mental state... especially with regard to short term memory. That part of the mushy PC in my head seems to be firing a bit more weakly.

Now that I think of it... the ole long term data bank upstairs seems to be suffering a wee bit, as well? Perhaps - MORE...?!?!?!?

While drawing upon memories of the distant past, the visions that 'dance in my head' are somewhat faded, like an old VCR tape pulled from the shelf and shoved into a grunting, aged video player. The images are faded, with colors washed out.

Oh, I can see what's going on in there - barely, with help of a lot of squinting from the minds eye; but I certainly wish there was a way to remaster the tape. I'd even be willing to pay a small fee to some Tech genius, with the right skills to engineer a new, improved copy of my thoughts.

Maybe someone who is willing to also eliminate those past scenes of heartache, anger and gore? I don't know... Perhaps it would be better to leave those images in; they serve as a learning prompt, often enough.

I'd prefer if the Techie had a Steemit account though and accepted Steem for their services :>) Another GOOD "Use case scenerio?" I think so.


Getting back to that short term memory problem I began this post with... THAT has become a growing issue too. It may be well described as a chalkboard; the kind which retains at least a hint of what was written or drawn upon, after a half-hearted act by an eraser.

A good example would be, like the past few days. I've been absent from the platform; not posting a solitary thing, because "I was busy". Yet, I can barely remember what I was busy with...?!?!?!?

This isn't a good thing. It makes for a problem not being able to come up with an acceptable excuse for not being diligent with my blogging. Well, I probably should say - an honest excuse; I can always formulate a phony, acceptable reason. I'm not the FAKE type though (Most of the time)

SOoooooo... my friends... That's the reason I've been gone for a few days. I've been very busy with other things, that I can't remember being busy with, but I was.

AND... That's the truth...!!!

Till next time - stay well and keep smiling.


@AngryMan - Feb. 5, 2021



hahahahaha! You speak my language.

Nice to receive your comment @owasco... I'm happy that you enjoyed a little piece of my thoughts.

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