Polaris ... A Tribute To A Fallen Friend

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Today, our good friends, @judethedude and his mom, @jaynie, are dealing with the heartbreak of sudden tragedy. Their good friend, Holly, was attacked by dogs and sustained fatal injuries as a result: Our hearts are broken... our beautiful little Holly.

There is no way to relieve them of their grief. We can, however, share it. And, we can lift a glass in Tribute to Holly ... a fallen friend. 

For those who don't know, "Polaris" ... is the North Star.


So many things, they come and go, 
Like waves upon a beach, 
So many things we cannot touch, 
Like stars beyond our reach.   

What comforts us, those things that stay, 
Familiar … déjà vu, 
A thing that was … and still it is,   
For me, that thing was you.   

Were you to me, Polaris, 
By you I’d find my way, 
When I was lost, you’d point me home, 
In the dark before the day.   

Throughout the years and all my tears, 
I knew I had a friend, 
Someone who cared when I was scared, 
And who would me defend.   

A guiding light, a constant friend, 
An anchor in the storm, 
A fire bright in dark of night, 
A flame to keep me warm.  


Jude, as you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you cannot see Polaris. The equivalent for you is the Southern Cross. On a starry night, find it ... and you will find your friend. Below is a picture so that you will know what to look for. The four bright stars, and a fifth dimmer one (in the formation's fourth quadrant) make up the constellation. If you need help, DM me ... I used to be a soldier and used the stars of Africa to find my way on many occasions.





Beautiful. I haven't been able to bring myself to read that post from @jaynie. Because I know the space in which that happened and having met Holly and being The Cat's Mother...I know this is all about me, but thank you.

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Hey Fiona.

I was wondering how you were taking it. There's no easy way out of this one ... it's just too terrible not to be a torment. Find friends, mourn and appreciate everyone you have who is alive and well



Find friends, mourn and appreciate everyone you have who is alive and well

Spot on: two and four-legged.

I am/we are so sorry about the trauma for both Jude and Jayne. She's a sane woman and good mom, so it will take time and they will be fine.

You're a toasted marshmallow, Quillington.



You're a toasted marshmallow, Quillington.

I am not ... Katie made me write it.



Bah! Humbug! I don't believe that. Not for a minute...


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I'm so sorry for the loss of dear Holly! It is so heart breaking to witness that cruelty of nature especially when it involves a dear pet. Virtual hugs to you both!

Oh no. How terribly sad. Poor @jaynie! That is a true tragedy. 😢

Loss like this is never something we enjoy, lovely poem to guide @quillfire

Oh, what a wonderful poem, and a fabulous tribute to Holly! Great job! It was very kind of you to put this post together for @judethedude and @jaynie! You are a real gem! 💎

This is really beautiful and so so special. Thank you @quillfire.


Hon, we're all thinking of Jude, you and your husband. When I read your post, I could not help but transpose Katie for Jude, Dezzy for Holly and me for you. Geez ... not good.

Alas, random and senseless misfortune is a reality of life, like getting hit by a bolt from the blue. What can you do? You find your friends, mourn and, eventually, pick yourself up and move on.


Such a beautiful tribute to Holly @quillfire. You are a true friend for pointing Jude in the direction of Polaris for solace ~ Something that remains constant in an ever changing world. Looking at the stars makes us see how vast our lives are. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

That is a nice cat picture. Sorry to hear about the mean dogs. Maybe this kitty RIP

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Sorry to hear about your loss, @jaynie. My heart goes out to you.

To @quillfire: Touching and so well done.


Thanks Denise.


You are always a pleasure, Quill.

Rest in peace Holly 😖 You're a shining star now...

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Quill, this is a beautiful gesture and one that only you would be able to pull off in such a charming and elegant way.


Thanks Nicky. Somehow, PHC has become a family and we do, and should, share in the upsides ... and downsides ... together.


O this is so beautiful - so sad to loose a pet.

The poem is so nice and touching. I hope Jude feels better and finds his friend in stars.

This is priceless @quillfire, so kind of you to write this for @jaynie and @judethedude. Such a tragedy for the family to have lost such a precious friend. This is a beautiful tribute, Polaris!

This is beautiful! It gave me goosebumps. You always have the right words. Thank you for being there for them. When all we can share is words and love, you do that wonderfully.