One day can make you feel great for the rest of the summer :)

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Our Trip to Tervete Nature Park, Latvia.

It's so great to live in a green country... In my country 50% of territory is covered by forests.
We got over than 200 lakes, some of them are small, some bigger.
This time we choose to take a trip to Tervete. Amazing landscape, trees around, and such a perfect lake for fishing and boat trips and of course sunsets.

Tervete Nature Park is a nature park located on the territory of Tērvete region (1147,98 ha or 84,1%) and Jelgava region (217,32 ha or 15,9%). It covers an area of 1,366 hectares and belongs to the Zemgale Geobotanic District. In the territory of the Nature Park there is the Tervete river valley with a landscape-unique pinewood massif, the Zemgale Tērvete castle mound, Klosterkalns and the Holy (Swedish Mountain). Since 1963, the park has paved paths, stairs, viewing tower, and there were many sculptures by sculptors of woodcarvers Krisjanis Kugras and Ritvaris Kalnins based on the works of Anna Brigadere.

Friend of mine @janisrijnieks is pilot for today

For sure there is no better place to be when you have some free time. You can enjoy Mother Nature by 100%.
Cool shot of Water Roses (Nymphaea alba)

Just a calm lake.

Bird watching and lookout tower.


I have been in this place several times and for sure this is one of the coolest places. These sunsets are just breathtaking every single time.

Sun is going down



The moment of sunset feels like a moment where nothing is impossible.


We often forget how inferior we are compared to the universe and moments of such tremendous beauty make us humble before nature.

These are moments when you realize that there is something fascinating about the natural death of the day and the set-in of the night.
Wish that these moments could be more often. Be alive!!!


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