Visit Jhalakhathi,Bangladesh.

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About 80 percent of the country's Guavas is in the villages of Jhalakathi. Guava is cultivated on many land in Atghar, Kuriana, Dumuria, Betarah, Dalhur and Sadar. And to sell this guava, everyone knows the name of a water market Bimaruli Guava is worth about 500 million taka per season.

Picture source: internet.

At around 8:30 pm, everyone came back to Sadarghat. Sitting on the Sundarbans-8 launch It does not take time to start the song. Sajib brother threw his fill to the water kingdom Together with Jorge, Habib and Shoaib Once the food was called - hot rice, shrimp fishes and pulses. To eat fun and eat the night deeply. After reaching Barisal Launchghat in the morning, I took breakfast. Then I went with a leguna to Jagadishpur. I started walking along the shade of Naagagram Road. Nature has made all the green fissures here. Eyes can not be turned back. After an hour and a half, I reached Jagdishpur bypass. Small market Jagdishpur. Touched the tea trawler in advance.

The development of the trawler is our guide. Daily Star's Southern Photo Journalist Arif Rahman is also with the brother. A small but flowing stream entered the trawler. It did not take much time to enter the Peara state. Pairabagan can be located in both canals. Many gardens are submerged in water. We realized that suddenly we went to another world. Like the small canals seen in the cinema, the place is mysterious and beautiful. The light of the sun shines in the light of the trees and melts. So how light-darkened Many days after leaving the city, some of the people who did not come to the village shouted, 'This is the most beautiful place in the country to meet them!' The trawler started moving forward. With us, many pearl boats were running in the market. With them they reached at 11 pm at the Vimruli Bazar.

Talking to the farmers, I know that in the season, the price of paraara is one kilogram. Many guava leaves to be thrown into the water. If there is a jelly factory here, it will be beneficial and not lose guaraya. On the other hand, we look at the many guavaas together, and we are very uncomfortable. I bought a pimara mono 300 rupees. Then I went for the eighteenth house. Atghar came and saw no water in the trolley. Everyone jumped on the life jacket together and then jumped into the water.

After an hour, I went to Kuriana Bazar. In a restaurant rice is made of papaya fish, eggs and chicken meat. After hiring a leguna, I went to Barisal.

Commutes: It can be seen in two ways: Atghar Kurienya. Swarupkati will be the best answer. From there you can walk through the trawler directly to the Atghar Kuriana all day.

  1. From Dhaka to Barisal, Atghar Kuriana goes to Barisal and takes a car from Mahendra. Car rental reserve 300 rupees Barisal will go first. Three or four launches to Barisal leave from Sadarghat at 8pm and 8pm every day. The cabin rental is 900 taka one and the same is worth Tk 1700. Can be called, rent 200 taka. After crossing a Mahendra from Barisal (eight such as CNG), crossing the Karpur or Binayakati, Jagdishpur is going to take the trawler. If the trawler is fixed before it is better. The trawler rental for the whole day is 1200 to 1500 taka. You can call the trailer for bKash - 017247732301. For any information you can call 01714044498.

  2. From Dhaka to Swarupkathi, there are launches at Barisal and Swarupkathi every day from Atghar Kurienadaka. Launch in Deck Class Rent Barisal / Swarupkati 200-230 Taka, Single Cabine (Non AC) 900 Taka, Double 1800 Taka.

The departure of 2/3 launches from Sadarghat in Dhaka at 7:30 pm every evening. It will take up Swarupkati down the next morning. Then you can rent a trawler for 6/7 hours. Rent 1500 taka, 10/15 people will be able to get up. Come back in the afternoon. And of course, eat lunch at the boudi restaurant in Kuriya Bazar.

All that is needed for the trip: 1) 1 sheet. 2) Audemus 3) Life jacket (Without a life jacket, this trip is better not to go) 4) Extra clothes (who get into the water)

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