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Concentration mental programming in two strategies used by athletes, to participate in high performance competitions and who trains well in their discipline achieves success. Therefore, each one of us could practice with these activities to succeed.

First came the Silva method of mind control, then took a big boom neurolinguistic programming, also known as NLP. Visualization is another way to approach the achievement of our dreams and recently the law of attraction and the secret of this process was published, on a global scale, as the perfect formula to succeed.

The success of the mentioned techniques consists in mentally decreeing what we want to achieve, with the highest level of detail possible. If it is a car visualize it with all the characteristics, the model, if possible, feel the smell again. We must do the same. If what we want is a house or an apartment, imagine and say, how many rooms and bathrooms we want, how we want the garden to be, what is the area you want to live. The meaning of everything becomes a decree and actions, likewise, this happens to the subconscious and it materializes for better or for worse, there are no levels of selection in this process.


From the above, the importance of caring what comes out of our mouth and what we think is deduced. If a person passes the word saying death attracts him around as a form of illness or accident, for him or for those who are part of your circle. It is very common, also that human beings when we want something, we think, how we will achieve that, but instead, we fill our minds and our thoughts of fear, of the obstacles that may arise, just the opposite to our desires and that is the worst way to move away from achieving our goals, therefore, the challenge is to start talking and thinking based on our most desired dream, for our full realization as human beings.


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