Let's get Justin Sun to fly CryptoPie to Thailand or HongKong to get better dialysis treatment, Justin Sun & Tron Foundation can take cameras and documentary crew and record a story about cryptopie's Steemit Story now that he is part of the Tron family

in #tronlast year (edited)

Im going to ask @justinsunsteemit to please fly @cryptopie to thailand with his brother, or hongkong, to get better dialysis treatment and just some better care for whatever time he has left during his very difficult life with a very painful physical condition. With one click Justin could change his life using tron Foundation Funds for steemians and this could be the ultimate news media story I feel Justin would be like this idea, and it honestly wont cost that much money to take care of crypto pie and give him a nice treatment at a modern health clinic with whatever vacation can be accommodated for him, maybe spend $10,000 or $20,000, it wouldnt cost very much to change his life and it' make for a better news story to win over steemians and twitter, especially when they make a documentary about cryptopie with tron foundation.


Help me get this post seen by the JustinSun Twitter @justinsun @tron @tronfoundation @ned


The Publicity from spending $10,000 to $25,000 to even $50,000 or more on Crypto Pie so he can have a better life for at least a small time, would create a great story for steem, and Justin could take a camera crew and meet crypto pie and take him on a vacation to Thailand or Hongkong where he could stay somewhere and gets some world class healthcare and pain relief for his terrible condition. he could be a great success story since he has been hard at work making steemit content for years working through his hardships, and a big rewards like this would lift a great weight from all of our hearts and allow the Tron Foundation to win over all of Steem.

here's an old post I made showing my old dream of getting this man some help from the blockchain community, and asa story to promote Steemand TRX I think this one would help so much


100% beneficiary rewards go to @cryptopie so for any upvotes you make on this post, ALL rewards automatically go to him


I appreciate this @ackza thank you.

Yes One of The Richest Guys in Crypto Helping out a Man in Need. What a Great Story that Would Be............#Helpcryptopie


This would be one of the coolest things ever!

This post should be on top of trending and be viral across all social media platforms. Hopefully @ned and @juntinsunsteemit read this post and JUST DO IT!

AHH thanks for teaching me justins real steem accounT! I knew he had one! @dapperd Douglas Horn will give us the Governance, Tron gives us the marketing, and together we are Captain Planet!

Or... He could do a steem proposal and get the new Steemit Inc to vote on it...

I follow this user, and he have very strong mind , I take my hat town and I hope he gets there soon. 👊👌

This would be a step in the right direction, for sure.

What about a DAO proposal? Has anyone thought about setting up one of those for @cryptopie so he can earn directly from the rewards pool?


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