Intergalactic Gaming Tron-based Token Airdrop and ICO

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Let me share with you guys this new and exciting Token that I have recently discovered in the Tron Network. LateIy have been learning more about the Tron Network and to be honest it feels eerily similar to the Steem network. Tron like Steem is fast and very cheap to move around it also allows you to power -up some of your crypto assets and convert them into Tron Power for TRON which is again similar to Steem Power in the Steem. It also uses the same consensus protocol Steem uses: Delegated Proof of Stake in which users can vote for block producers which are called Witnesses in Steem and Super Representatives in Tron. One thing that Tron can do that Steem can't at the moment is creation of tokens. Smart Media Tokens (SMT) will enable Steem this capability when launched but as for now TRON has this ability. Tokens created in the Tron Platform which are called TRON20 tokens or TRX20 tokens. While waiting for SMT I set out to discover some Tron-based tokens which were recommended to me by one of my Teammates in TeamTronics. One of this token is called Intergalactic gold which is the token that I will be discuss with you in the next paragraphs.


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Before we delve into Intergalactic gold let me first discuss with you the platform where it will be used: Intergalactic Gaming. From what I have gathered from their website and medium blog-post it seems that the conceptualization of Intergalactic gaming started a few years ago back in 2015 and after a long period of observing and studying the market they have finally decided to launch their website and Issue their own Token which will leverage the Tron blockchain. The primary aim of the platform is to propel competitive gaming industry into new heights through digitization and tokenization of the said industry. How they will go about it is yet to be revealed as they have not disclosed their unique selling proposition. In fact they chose not to release their official whitepaper just yet they want to keep the lid on the project for competitive advantage. Nevertheless they have revealed quite a few information about their project especially about intergalactic gold.


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As I have already mentioned above intergalactic gold (IGG) is issued in the Tron network as a TRX20 token and will be instrumental in digitalizing and tokenizing the esports industry. Those who wants to participate on its pre-sale may do so by going to this site. Before you run off and buy some tokens you might want to know some details about it. The token sale started last August 3, 2018 and will end on October 3, 2018 which means you have ample time to buy the tokens. The initial cost of 1 IGG is about 0.02 TRX which roughly translates to 50 IGG for every 1 TRX (An additional 10% Tokens will be given if you buy now in their telegram channel which means 60 IGG per 1 TRX). Generally speaking you will get more tokens when you buy early and you can partake in the many Airdrops and possible bounties that is designed to spread awareness about the platform. I was a little bit late for their first Airdrop but I was able to get in to the project before the next airdrop which will commence on the 26th of August you may find more information about participating on the second airdrop here.


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Some of you guys might be asking if is it worth investing in this cryptocurrency to be honest nobody can be sure on the success of any project in the crypto space. There are no guarantees and even professional advisers can fail and mind you I am not a professional investment adviser therefore the best advice that I could give you guys is to invest only the amount you are willing to lose. Investments in cryptocurrencies can be risky however they also generate enormous amount of gains from your initial investment if you get lucky. Make sure that you do your own research so that you don't get to blame anyone if your investment did not reach your expectations and ensures that you made an informed decision. As for myself I already invested in the platform and I plan to participate in all the airdrops, bounties and other awareness campaign that may earn me more tokens from the project this will mitigate the risk on my investment since I am getting more tokens for free. The company is a very generous group just go to the telegram channel and you will be pleasantly surprise how they incentivize your activities and more over you will also see one of the coolest CEO around in the crypto space doling out IGG like a BOSS HE IS 😎.

For more information about the project and to help you do your own research here are the links where you can find and ask more information about the project:


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