The BlackOnion DApp - Bringing The Dark Web Into The Light

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The BlackOnion is a first of its kind DApp. BlackOnions goal is to decentralize the Dark Web of illicit activities and provide a safe, private, anonymous and secure place where people can hold their money and receive dividends.

BlackOnion provides Hacking/Cybersecurity lessons and recourses. Once completed students can take the BlackOnion Certification Exam. With this new found knowledge you can take part in cleansing of the Dark and Deep Web.

Currently, we use 4% of the internet. This is known as the Surface Web, it contains the sites we most visit like Google, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia and many others.

But there is another layer to this onion called the Deep Web that contains things like medical records, legal documents, scientific reports, subscription information, competitor websites, financial records, government resources, and records. The Deep Web makes up 90% of the internet.

The last layer of the onion is another part of the web that is mostly unknown that is like the wild west, the anything-goes world of drug trafficking, prostitution, political protests, illegal information, and encrypted sites. This part of the web was first used by governments for their encrypted information also for real-time battlefield communications and a program named TOR was created and funded by the United States federal government, Office of Naval Intelligence and DARPA to access this part of the internet and to keep their information safe from being compromised. This is what is called the Dark web that makes up 6% of the internet.

The Dark web had its day in the light when the Silk Road was shut down and Ross Ulbricht was arrested by the FBI and DEA. This was the most media exposure the Dark web and Bitcoin has ever had up to this point, and it was mostly in a negative light. It was also the first time that TOR was ever mentioned, tying Bitcoin, Dark web and drug dealers to this encrypted, law-avoiding open source code that only bad people would use to hide their identities while committing various crimes including Hacking.

In 2019 the Brave Browser was launched. The browser blocks ads and website trackers, it has also implemented the BAT token, paying users to view ads. In its privacy tab, it uses TOR for a totally encrypted, anonymous, secure internet viewing experience. It also allows users to view the Deep and Dark web, exposing the public for the first time to what The Economist magazine once called " The Dark corner of the web" where only "Drug dealers, Bitcoin users, and Hackers commit crimes." Not surprising the Economist Magazine said this, being partially owned by the Rothchild family who owns most of the currencies that the countries of the world borrow from them and the Central Bank, at a high-interest rate.

In the middle of 2019, two men collaborated an idea that could change the Dark web of its illicit, illegal activities and using a combination of The Tron Ecosystem, The Brave Browser, and TOR and created a company called The BlackOnion. The name is an offshoot of TOR's program name derived from an acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router". Onion routing is implemented by encryption in the application layer of a communication protocol stack, nested like the layers of an onion.

The BlackOnion, utilizing Hacking to provide cybersecurity, tools, and information. Implementing The Tron Ecosystem for the soon to be Trc20 BlackOnion Token, Brave Browsers TOR for accessing the Dark Web to create the first of its kind DApp. Launching soon will be The BlackOnion Vault for securing users crypto and money. Future plans include the launching of the BlackOnion social media site, The BlackOnion Options Trading site, Hacking/Cybersecurity classes, and a Book store that offers material you just can't get at your local library provided by BlackOnions partnership with Book(Art) at

The BlackOnion Is a stroke of genius Dapp that will provide safety, security and a cleansing of the darkest corner of the internet, bringing users a new understanding of the possibility of The Dark Webs future in finances. Don't miss out on this incredible, exciting "First of its kind" Dark Web DApp. Join the BlackOnion today.

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