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Some people know me as founder and current CEO of Talleo Project.

I want to introduce other people who work for, or have contributed code to Talleo Project, to the cryptocurrency community.

A long time before Talleo Project was founded, I was working with another developer for another cryptocurrency. His name is Jerry, and JackTron is his latest project.


JackTron is simple betting game based on smart contract on Nile test net of Tron. You place bets on each round and once a day the game picks one player to win a jackpot.

I'm usually not big fan of gambling games, but I got interested because I was working on a cryptocurrency bridge that allows playing smart contract based games using any cryptocurrency, so I suggested Jerry that he would try to integrate the bridge to his game as a field test.

I will take weeks before the game is finished, so he will have enough time to study the best way to integrate the bridge to the game.

You can play the game using TronLink after you have changed it to Nile testnet (Set up > Node > Nile testnet) using link:


You can get free TRX for Nile testnet at address:


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