Earn 34% APY with your TRON (TRX) staked on Binance “Locked Staking”

in #tron29 days ago

I just learned about this.

I thought that I automatically earned 8% staking my TRON(TRX) on Binance.

But you can earn a lot more with Locked Staking.

Like 34% ......

Binance Locked staking



It's crazy all the different ways to earn yield out there.

It’s all a secret though.... you will never learn this on some of the other blockchains. Without getting downvoted into oblivion.

Exactly..... It is weird that they cheer on each other for downvoting others who are just teaching people about stuff that is going on with other projects.

Like I got 3 of my DOGE posts Zeroed out ....... crazy