The Perfect Shitstorm

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Dear Diary,

It is day 12 of the Sockpuppet invasion, and I still have a bunch of random things to say.

First of all: fuck this guy:

People like this are the reason @deepcrypto8 and @binance-hot keep getting 100k+ liquid coins a day into their hot wallet. Why are so many big stake holders jumping ship in the stupidest way possible? Binance is insolvent and essentially attacking our chain under the false guise of "neutrality". If they have liquid coins, why wouldn't they allow those liquid coins to be cashed out at a time like this? So ridiculous.

I don't mind that big stake holders want to get out of this extremely bearish situation, but Binance is literally the last place we should be transferring coins (outside of Poloniex). I guess some people just don't have a Bittrex account? And Bittrex has KYC? I don't know. It's still annoying.

Binance has 1.9M liquid coins and still won't let people withdraw anything. So unacceptable. Stop supporting Binance. Not only are they attacking Steem, but their insolvency also causes the value of Steem coins to be less on their platform... people are just giving away free money that's being used to attack us. Lame.



I hate Twitter. I've had an account there for exactly four years and I've never used it. Long story short, the only reason why I made the account was to stalk someone who stole a rental car from me. It was pretty funny how they reminded me a few days ago to celebrate my 4 year anniversary.

It's also funny the name I picked: @pacemak3r, because it's very similar to one of Ned's accounts that people are looking into. I believe @edicted and @edict3d were taken.

In any case, a plague upon this community for reeling me into Twitter. Haha, I feel like a Grandpa trying to navigate their weird UX. I'm only on there to defend Steem against this hostile takeover.

On that note, I've just opened Twitter, and I see multiple reports that @justinsunsteemit is blocking all the witnesses and big stake holders. LOL. What bad optics. More hated than Ned in under a week; company gutted in even less. That's quite the accomplishment. Looks like his skin is just as thin as well.

My first real tweet was this:


I thought this tweet was mildly clever because it subtly shows how the narrative from the three exchanges that attacked us makes absolutely no sense. However, I was quickly met by zealots from the Tron network telling me to give Jsun his coins back and that we blackmailed him. Give me some of whatever you're smoking, Tron community. You're completely out of your element. Also I was warned that many of them were bots... and a few of the comments seems like they might have been, but then again it is Twitter and people keep it short and sweet (ignorant).

In any case, I was super surprised that this joke poll got 11 retweets and 18 likes and 100 votes. I have zero network on Twitter. Really shows you how the Steem community can grandfather you into other communities.


So I was looking for a picture of playing hot potato with a hand grenade, and this is what I found. This is my analogy for what Jsun is doing. To keep decentralization active, witnesses must play hot potato with block production to keep the network secure.

Along comes Justin Dumb and he's just holding the grenade unwilling to pass it and reset the timer with his sock puppets. Running all the accounts on a single node, his price feed updates have been insufferable, Steemit Inc is all but destroyed, account recovery is disabled, account signups are broken, and yet he continues doubling down on this charade. Give it a rest Jsun, you are an incompetent witness and you're taking up 10 spots. Your investment won't be worth anything if the grenade explodes.

I really have to wonder where we would be at right now if he hadn't attacked us. His accounts would probably be unfrozen by now (at least some of them) and everyone would be fine. All he had to do really was decline_voting_rights.

Maelstrom Whirlpool.jpg

Perfect storm

  • Steem is under attack.
  • The economy is collapsing.
  • Corona Virus.
  • Election year.
  • Greatest Depression Incoming.
  • @edicted uses his Twitter account

What's next? A fuckin zombie apocalypse?

Might be fun. Although I think the zombies are just a metaphor for all the jack-asses out there hording toilet paper right now.

And what's up with CZ saying that "no blockchain should be able to freeze accounts" when every blockchain can freeze accounts? Why is everyone making an ass of themselves? The world has gone looney-toons.

Speaking of bad ideas, I'm still super annoyed that the #sct community is split voting and perpetuating this filibuster. They claim to want Steem to increase Steem in value, yet their demands run contrary to this narrative.

Removing downvotes will lower the value of Steem in the long run. Comparing one good post making 20 cents to one bad post making $20 is also completely ridiculous. Making money blogging requires consistency and a network who appreciates that consistency. The best way to make money on Steem blogs is to stay the course when the shit hits the fan so you have strong support when things are good. The short-sighted tunnel vision of their position is mind-numbingly frustrating.

I believe the while-paper and the concept of Proof-of-brain are a complete liability at this point. It causes this community to think you can compare one quality post with zero network support to one shitpost with high support as evidence that everything is broken. It's not broken, people just aren't willing to put in the real work that it takes to get paid. Real bloggers outside of this platform know they might not make a penny for over a year.

Why can't I get a grape too?

Because you haven't been here for years building support?
How about staying consistent for a year and see where you're at then?
That's what I did and I'm pretty happy with the results.


Don't forget to flush out your panic room in response to this shitstorm.




I read lots of "build an online business" blogs.

Anyone who knows the basics of making money online understands that it takes: time, niche, engaging with your audience, keeping in touch with your audience (outside of your blog), advertising or shilling like on Pinterest, Twitter, the dreaded facebook etc, consistency, and time. I wrote time twice on purpose.

Also, it is difficult to make money with just your blog, you need some sort of product, advertisement, and such or other.

The STEEM equivalent of advertising is the upvotes, but, you still need to find your community, engage with your audience, use proper tags and or tribes/communites, join contests for exposure etc.

Buying a stake is cool, but... it only takes you so far, you need community and you need to curate. Unless of course, you have a large enough stake to pay your readers with upvotes, then you can curate your own comments and I guess that is a "good" way of making money.

But SURE, let's keep complaining about the downvotes...

Justin already lost, he wanted to buy a community and found that community couldn't be bought. Whether his is still around to salvage what's left of the investment or to be a little bitch who hurts the platform cause "we hurt him first" is anyone's guess.

Either way, if we keep building, it is only a matter of time before we succeed.

We have some hard core users and lots of really, really cool dapps. It is only a matter of time before one of us figures out a cool tribe that is shilled on a place like pinterest that has billions of users and we get another cool million people signed up.

Hey, it can and WILL happen. It is just a matter of time.

It might even be me. Which means I need to reach dolphin status so I can start creating those accounts. Almost there. Almost. Maybe if I would stop spending my earnings on STEEMCity, Splinterlands (great investment, but the only way to get dolphin using that is selling my cards) and different tribes, I would be a dolphin by now. Oh well, I will keep paying 3 steem to create new accounts. No biggie.

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"Hey, it can and WILL happen. It is just a matter of time."

Don't forget the grapes. That's not just a fantasy, and despite @edicted's claim isn't false. Even molluscs care about fairness. They've done that research with octopi, and got similar results.

Mmmmmmm. Grapes.

Do you like them sweet or sour?

This question truly made me LOL.

For most of my life, I have loved, nice, delicious, plump, sweet grapes.

Now, at seven months pregnant, there is something about sour fruits (including grapes) that grapples me. It is kind of funny.

Of course, I know what you are referring too, but it just made me laugh that this whole pregnancy, grapes that kind of hurt your teeth, make you pucker, and make you squirm a little have been... enjoyable.

I wonder what that says about me... eh.

For folks that have been there, or nearby, it means you're pregnant. My ex was slightly pregnant (~10 months in. Yeah, I know) and sent me to the store for a specific ice cream flavor.

When I got there, that flavor wasn't available, so I got something similar.

When I got home, within minutes I fled back to the safety of the store, where I sought and found the manager of the Fred Meyer's, who upon hearing my sad and desperate tale gave me a tub of ice cream of my choice.

The pity in his eyes was palpable.

Edit: I think I survived with the free ice cream by adding a jug of dill pickles to the order.

Hahaha. Never have craved pickles. But, plums dried in salt. Mmmmmm.

I like your apocalypse timeline of events lol

Ya this sct community is kind of funny. Removing downvotes, or flags as they were before, is a guaranteed way to tank the price of Steem. The abuse would be insane but they obviously don’t have economic sense or longevity in mind. They want to see big numbers in their posts, that’s all it seems to be.

I will hopefully get to a point where I can consistently post lol I’ve gotten pretty decent rewards considering my sporadic posts but it could always be better.

what an awesome diary from @edicted

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Did you read it? lol

we as steemians our eyes really needs to open to many things on these platforms which needs to be corrected

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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