The Three Main Features of The UFO Ecosystem

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In today's world, the revolutionary blockchain technology is making headways into different fields and aspects of living industries. But it's more noticeable in the financial sector for now and from there, spreading to other sectors gradually.
The online gaming sector is a multi-billion dollar money-spinning gig that gets millions of users globally. And this particular industry is ripe for a revolution to change the game plan and how online gaming is accessed.

This is why the UFO developers decided to come up with a unique platform that decentralized online gaming and makes it available on a trustless platform powered by blockchain technology.
In a nutshell, the UFO gaming platform is looking to create a unique ecosystem that affords avid developers to launch their DApps using the resources available on the UFO platform while providing users with lots of fun and Decentralized games for entertainment and earning cryptocurrency in form of UFO ERC-20 token.

Now, let's talk about the main structural features of the UFO gaming platform. These are the UFO Developers, UFO Community and the UFO Holders.

UFO Developers: these are developers that leverage the tools and resources available on the UFO platform to develop DApp games and systems that are guaranteed to keep users glued to their devices. To utilize the UFO resources, a developer will have to pay a sum proportional to a part of the sum of his DApps operational income.

UFO Community: these are the DApps users on the UFO Ecosystem. They are very important because without them, the system will not function and to this end, game players (users) on the UFO gaming platform stand to gain a lot as they play. The more a user plays, the more cryptocurrency he mines and earns. Also, if a user is partial to a particular DApp and plays frequently on it, he can mine tokens bound to that particular DApp.

UFO Holders: for every blockchain project to survive, there ought to be holders of the project's native tokens. For UFO token holders, each DApp connected to the platform will share a portion of it's winnings with the token holders. There is also a multiplier system that UFO Holders can activate and earn from once they interact with any DApp on the ecosystem. All these avenues are designed to increase the value of the UFO token.

UFO Tokenomics
The UFO platform runs a dual token system which involves both the UFO ERC 20 token and the UFO TRC 20 token.
The UFO ERC 20 token is the platform's utility token that can be earned through community promotional events, secondary market or token IEO. The UFO ERC 20 tokens has a total supply of one billion.


UFO token holders are the backbone of the system and as such, are treated as royalties. UFO Holders have several advantages and rights conferred on them as depicted in the image below:


The UFO TRC 20 on the other hand is utilized by the system to distribute earned revenues to platform stakeholders. It has a total of 100 million UFO tokens minted.

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