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Last night, I had a dream, that I was awakened by a deep, low voice telling me to "Wake up and look out of the window."

So, I arose from the bed and strolled over to the only window which appeared to me. It seemed to be a window that I was familiar with.


Upon looking out, all looked fairly clear and normal to me. It was my backyard... the one behind the house I presently live in.

In the dream, I was wondering why I had been called to the window, expecting to see something of importance; but, it all looked pretty much the way it does everyday... A lot of grass, some plants, the back of houses facing me from the next street over.

Nothing unusual. Nothing new. Just... normal...

From behind me, I suddenly heard a shout... "Get DOWN...!!!" So, I quickly ducked.

Turning my head towards the voice at the same time, I saw an object hurtling in the air towards me. It flew past my head and crashed through the window above.

Slowly rising... I peeped out of the hole left in the broken glass. Oddly, the glass had transformed into a mirror, with many cracks in it. All I saw in it was my own reflection, but... through the hole, everything was blurred...

I could see what appeared to be some type of objects, that in my mind seemed to be a mere burry view of what is always there - houses, the ground, the sky and a few trees... but, I could not see through the haze clearly enough to be sure.

Then... I heard the voice again. It said, "wake up." I said, "I am awake."

The voice said... "You are not truly awake"

It was then, that I woke up from this dream. A dream which has stayed with me long enough today in order to share it with you.

You know what I'm thinking...??? I'm thinking that I haven't been seeing things the way they truly are in this world. I'm only seeing what I've been conditioned to see - somehow...

That, was my dream. That's all I have for you today.


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That is true for anyone who thinks they see truly. Cool dream and post.

Thank you... much appreciated :>)

HEY angryman, I just went back to steemit because steempeak is phasing out. I'm hoping you will advise me on something. There's this Tron business that I know nothing about. Must or should I open a Tron account? I pretty much can't do anything without being asked to do so.

Hi @owasco. Yes... at least set up your TRX wallet in order to receive Tron tokens during payouts from your posts. Click the link in your steemit wallet at bottom of TRX notification.