Mueller Probe Closed

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Now that the Mueller Probe is closed, the Exoneratist will study two aspects of the probe itself.


The first of these two studies will deal with the false statements, lawlessness, spying, bias, conspiracy, rush to judgment, abandonment of objectivity, gross negligence, and political clout, of:

a. certain former and present members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),

b. certain former and present members of the Department of Justice (DOJ),

c. Former President Barack Obama, and

d. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


In the second of these two studies the Exoneratist will examine the Mueller Report itself with regard to Obstruction of Justice on the part of Donald J. Trump (Trump).

Mueller did not exonerate Trump relative to Obstruction of Justice. Many media and many Democrat lawmakers have interpreted Mueller’s words in the Report to suggest that congress should determine this decision.

Attorney General Barr has ruled that there was no Obstruction of Justice by Trump.

As the media and Democrat lawmakers are publicly and vociferously disputing Barr’s ruling, both Barr and Mueller will appear before Congress and answer questions about Obstruction of Justice.

If we are privy to these sessions, they may give understanding and finality.

But, if not, the Exoneratist will turn to the Mueller Report itself for answers to Obstruction of Justice.

1st STUDY:

Let us first delve into the transgressions of Andrew Weissmann, a former member of both the DOJ and FBI and one of the Mueller Probe’s top investigators.

The Mueller Probe began their investigation without a crime. This deviation from standard practice is a clue to the real intent of the probe, i.e.: to find dirt on Trump – enough to remove him from office. The Probe used the “Steele Dossier” as they were in search of a crime. FBI, Justice Department and FISA Court rules require facts that are specified and verified, but the “Steele Dossier” did not meet either one of these requirements.

Sidney Powell, author of LICENSED TO LIE, has followed the career of Andrew Weissmann, “who has destroyed thousands of lives during his career as federal prosecutor only to see his cases overturned years later by superior court rulings.” Powell says Mueller’s Report is likely authored by Weissmann and the goal is to destroy Trump.

Another quote, regarding Weissmann, comes from the Independent, by S. Noble – Dec. 5, 2017: “He’s actually evil. He bullies and bankrupts people until they desperately plead guilty because they are financially and mentally spent.” These words mirror the situations of Gen. Mike Flynn and Carter Page, as their lives were ruined by the Mueller Probe. The Probe tried to bully George Popadopoulas, but he knew from the start their facts were false.

Weissmann has proven to fashion himself above the law, abandoning objectivity, and agile at flipping defendants into collaborators. Weissmann was also completely biased against Trump from the outset. He has come under fire from conservatives as he sent an email to former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates praising her for not defending Trump’s travel ban. He also reportedly attended Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election night party.

This is a disheartening perception of a man who held one of the top posts in our judicial system. Fortunately he resigned this post, but not before he was instrumental in pursuing an investigation in search of a crime.


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